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I ran away three times before I was 10.

Two of them less successful than the third.


The first time I ran away – age 6

The first time I ran away from home I was so furious. So fed up and so annoyed with my younger siblings and my mum – who was the only one home at the time. So angry I couldn’t stay in the house. I didn’t want anything to do with any of them.

I took nothing.

Straight out of the house.

Slammed the door.

Into the green house…

– This will show them!

– I’m NEVER going back in there again.

I sat there fuming.

Steam from my nostrils.


Still furious.

I sat there an eternity.

It startad to rain.

It poured.

– HA!

That will teach them.

It rained and it rained.

It started to get dark.

– NOW they’ll be worried.

– So they should be.


– Any minute now, they’ll be out with a torch.

– This will be the last place they look.

I waited.

And waited.

I waited some more.

– Now I’m stuck.

– I’m going to get soaking wet, and SICK!

– That will teach them!


Only the lights from the kitchen shone over the lawn.

Still raining.


I waited.

– They are crap at finding people!

– How long am I supposed to sit here anyway?

– Typical …Absolutely typical!

– Maybe I should wait until it stops raining.

It didn’t.


I made a run for it.

Sprinted the 10 metres from the greenhouse to the back door.


I went quietly in.

Sneaked through the kitchen.

Ready to shock them all in the living room – sick with worry, if they were even back from looking for me.


”Hello love!” mum said.

I STOOD there, glued to the floor.


”Are you not going to ask me where I’ve been all this time?”


…”oh, I didn’t know you’d been out”.



They didn’t even notice I’d been gone.



– Nobody cares.


Now I’m sat here with three kids of my own, and Miss Six is announcing for the third time that she IS going to move out. She’s running away: I’m Running Away


Do you kids say they’re going to run away?

Have they done it?


first time i ran away


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  1. All the way to the Greenhouse! Awesome. You’ve inspired me, I may have to write about my running away story. Although I was a teenager, not six.

  2. that made me giggle! I’m sure we’ve all been there and I have distinct memories of trying to run away…I think lethargy got the better of me though. We haven’t had any threats of running away yet from Gabby, who’s 8, and I hope we don’t really as I think she could do without the trauma. She’s already in 2 houses every week!

    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  3. Ha! I totally related to this! I always threatened to run away when I was little.

    I love your thought process in this post… fantastic.

    My kids don’t threaten to run away but my 6-year-old can’t wait until she’s a grown-up because then she can get the Golden Retriever she’s always wanted *sigh*.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop!

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

    • Yes, Miss 6 wants a dog, but the greatest threat right now is her obsession with dancing father christmas statues!! She says she can’t wait to move out because then she can have as many as she wants, and she’s going to fill her house with them!
      …Please let this be over! Seriously, I don’t know if I can even take ONE of them …It’s going to have to be little and it’s going to have to be in her room.

  4. I actually ran away from home at around the age of 8 – because my Mum wouldn’t let me have some ribena!! My sister and brother followed me. My Mum was crying and my Grandad came to look for me because my Mum was at home with the baby. I did it a few more times when I was older for far different reasons. Thankfully Grace has never said she wants to do this! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

    • Haha! What wouldn’t we do for ribena! 🙂
      You must have been gone for quite a while! Fingers crossed, Grace might never say it! …Maybe better not to disagree with her about drinks though 😉

  5. A fun post! My children never threatened to run away, but I do remember my sister running away when she was little. She packed her little red bag, grabbed her teddy bear and marched out the back door and ’hid’ behind the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden, where she stayed for a few hours until it started getting dark. Then she crept back into the house with her tail between her legs….So cute!

    Popped over from #SHINEbloghop.

  6. How frustrating for six year old you! Blatantly just wanting some attention and then no one notices. My attempts at running away were pretty lame, usually without an announcement I was going and then coming back a couple of hours later because I was hungry. I think my mum just thought I’d been out playing. Not a particularly successful statement on my part!

    • Haha! Food is a big draw.
      So funny that they really were that oblivious… But apparently they didn’t need to know either! Maybe we are all just testing the limits of our own need for independence.
      Thanks for popping by.

  7. I bet a lot of kids say it. I bet more than we think. Mine are still babies but I am sure there will be an argument or two that might result with such a threat. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  8. I remember running away as a child – usually next door to my grandparents! You’ve captured your six-year-old’s sense of frustration so well! Luckily my kids haven’t tried running away yet!

  9. Oh, sums it up so well. I still feel like this (and do run away to the end of the road when I can!). I’ll never grow up.

    I ran away when I was about 14. Instead of going home to my Mum’s house after school, I went to my Dad’s. He didn’t really know how to handle a teenager turning up on his doorstep and I stayed there for about four days until I realised he was still living his own life and I was expected to just get on with it. At that point I phoned Mum and she came and picked me up.

    My kids haven’t run away, yet. I suspect it’s coming fairly soon though. The 5 year old is starting to tell us that we’re unfair and we aren’t being kind to her…

    • Ooh that! Yes, we know all about unfairness here too!
      You had quite a certain location choice for your run away then …I think this might be the key in it all. Making sure our kids have awesome relationships with other adults close by, so we know that they have places and people they could go to if they needed to.
      Thanks for popping over 🙂

  10. I never ran away as a kid, I just didn’t come home on time or went where I wasn’t supposed to – oops! My mum actually called the police on me once because I went out for a few hours after school instead of going straight home – I was 14 and with one hell of an attitude so I wasn’t best pleased! I guess now at least I would have had a mobile for her to track me down on (if I’d remembered to charge it of course). Needless to say I’m hoping karma doesnt come back and bite me on the bum now my daughter is 12!

    • Haha! Watch this space!! I guess you just never know in just what way your teenager is going to revolt.
      …Would you have called the police too?

  11. Oh bless your little 6 year old self. I really feel for you reading this!! My eldest is 10 but she is so calm and placid that she has never even had a tantrum let alone declared she wants to run away!! I expect her brother and sisters might be different though! x x x

  12. Oh I really feel your 6 year old anger and frustration in this post and I remember having moments of feeling like this. I think I did go and hide in the wendy house once for what felt like ages but was probably only about 10 minutes and no-one seemed to notice I’d run away either! I think I must have been reading Dick Whittington or something because I remember getting a stick and a cloth and tying up a doll in it and attaching it to the stick before ’running away’, lol. Glad you didn’t run too far.

    • Haha! My mum just told me she tied some things to a stick and charged off to tell her parents she was leaving …My grandpa gave her money for the bus …Us and our books! 🙂

  13. Threatened to but didn’t have the guts! Funny they didn’t notice you’d gone, maybe you hadn’t been away for as long as you thought! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  14. Awww what a cute story! My mother before thought that my sister runaway and she looked for her for like hours and hours only to find out that she is in fact in here room. They had an argument. I think both my & my mother are so relieved that she in there cuz its not really that safe in my country to be out late at night.

    • I’m amazed your mother noticed! 😉
      …It’s a tough one, because sometimes a child truly needs space. Or truly feels they need to take a stand, or make a point.
      Just the thought of believing your child’s run away, when you’re in a place where it would be extra unsafe to do that… Horrible!
      I can imagine it was a HUGE relief she was only in her room.

  15. Lol love this post, so funny, I can feel your 6 yr old frustration! I don’t think I ever ran away… But I did pack my little brothers bag and tell him to run away because no one wanted him :/ not very nice eh? He only got as far as the end of the street (and we were the 1st house) as he wasn’t allowed to go any further! Lol! Xx #brilliantblogposts

    • Hahaha! …And I totally shouldn’t be laughing, but that’s exactly the kind of thing I probably would have done too!! Poor little brothers 🙁
      …And now we have a little boy, I’ll have to watch out for him, poor little kid! <3

    • Haha! Too true… It’s easy to see it that way now. But when Miss Six started saying she was going to run away, and I started to think about it, I remember how I felt. And you’re totally right, I was mad!!

  16. I did it at the age of 13 for a few hours and left my mother in a dreadful emotional state. My stepfather, meanwhile, dealt with it incredibly well.

    The worst bit? The letter I left behind telling them of my decision to run off quoted the chorus to a song by dreadful 80s glam rockers Twister Sister.

    Anyway, my kids have never threatened it. Bit too young yet and may it never happen! #brilliantblogposts

    • Haha! But so funny that you totally associated all your feelings with those lyrics… Let’s be honest, you don’t still like the song, just a little bit? 😉
      But 13 – that was pretty darn serious!! A few hours at that age and you wouldn’t have a clue what was going to happen next.
      Totally agree – May it never happen!

  17. I ran away when I was about 12, to my friend’s house round the corner. I remember they had to go out for dinner so I had to go home and much like you, I tried to sneak in and (probably on account of being the eldest of four) no one had noticed. Either that or mum knew I was seeking attention so decided not to pander to it, I was quite the drama queen.

    • Haha! You should ask her, the oldest of four… I bet she never even noticed!! Seriously, I feel our parents were a bit oblivious.
      Or what that’s probably a sign of is how crazy ’present’ WE are! …Isn’t that supposed to be one of the characteristics of our parenting generation? – I think so. Over the top ’present’!

  18. I remember Olivia announcing that she wanted to leave home. she’d have been around the same age as your daughter. She was rather surprised that I offered to help her pack & by the time we’d crammed everything into a rucksack she’d completely gone off the idea – as the bag was too heavy for her to lift. I’m not convinced that I was right to call her bluff – but she never did it again.

    • I think different times probably call for different responses… Certainly need to be on our toes!
      Glad it all calmed down at your place.

  19. We are going through the running away stage with our 11 year old. Last time he went with no shoes, hide up a tree and hurt his leg.

    My running away as a child was a lot more serious and I am glad he’s not running away ”properly” as that’s a scary thought.

  20. I remember me running away when I was about 11ish, but I ran to my aunties house and had to cross a road to get there – safe to say my Mum was a little cross then!

    • Yes funny that …Missing, not a problem, it might get noticed. Cross a road …Now that’s crossing the line! 🙂
      11, now that’s serious, you really meant it too!

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