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I Have a Dream… I Believe

The MisplacedBrit Manifesto:


I have a dream…

That children will be brought up in families and in community. That parents will not be alone in investing in and loving on their children. That supporting and caring about each other and each others children would be as obvious as loving and looking out for ourselves and our own.

I believe

That every* parent wants to be the best parent they can be.

I believe

That every* parent wants the best of all that they know, for their child.

I believe

That being honest about parenting is one of the best ways parents can support each other.

I believe

In community.
 I have a dream... I believe. What do you dream of? - The MisplacedBrit Manifesto

Not long ago Simon Sinek did a Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It’s been watched more than 23 million times. His focus is a golden circle and at the centre of that is the question WHY. Why do we do what we do? What is it that drives us? What is the focus, the vision, the dream?

Once we’ve understood that, then HOW? The next circle. How are we going to get there? How can we achieve it?

Lastly, around the edge of the circle is the WHAT? What are our results? If it’s a product or a service that we’re selling then what does it look like?

So often we start with the what. This… Is WHAT I do. This… Is WHAT I want to achieve. ’Goals’ such as earning money, fame and fortune fall into the WHAT category. This… Is WHAT I want. Eventually being driven by a WHAT is equally as uninspiring for ourselves as it is for anyone else. The question would be WHY do I want to achieve that?


WHAT am I doing?


Do I even have a WHY?

Martin Luther King had a ’I have a dream…’

Well, now MisplacedBrit has one too.


What’s your dream? WHY do you do what you do? What drives you? 

I have a dream... I believe. What do you dream of?


*I wrote ’every’. Of course these statements are not true for EVERY SINGLE parent. Of course there are exceptions. Of course there are people and relationships that are horribly the opposite. The point I want to make is that we get to shape our presumptions, our starting point, our preconceived ideas. We get to decide if we’re going to be the person who walks around gavel in hand making judgements about everyone we see based on their appearance, what we just heard them say, what we think of their behaviour, attitude, parenting techniques or lack of. We get to decide if what we see them do, eat or say is how we’re going to define them.

I believe that there is love, graciousness and generosity in not doing that. We don’t ’need’ to judge. We don’t ’need’ to walk around boxing people into clichés, conveniently brushing them aside or labeling them. We get to decide.

I have a dream... I believe. What do you dream of? - The MisplacedBrit Manifesto

Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action:

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  1. Beautiful post. I have so many dreams but I guess my biggest dream is for my child to live a happy and healthy life. As I’m getting older I realise the value of health – if you don’t have your health, no amount of money or anything else can buy it back. So here’s to happiness and health!

    • Totally vital. You’ve really got me thinking how actively (or not) am I pursuing ’imparting’ these values into my children’s lives right now…
      Not so much! I’m going to need to chew on this one for a while.
      Thanks Nomita x

  2. I think that in the past I have been too quick to make decisions. I have several dreams. I think that the best action is to create goals to achieve these.

  3. I believe in these things as well and I dream them. That’s part of why I’ve become involved in creating a local organization for women, children, and families with some other lovely ladies. We want safe places where talking, learning, and supporting one another can happen, without the externals and the judgements.

    I also dream of doing more and showing our children that it’s ok for me to be home, because I can maintain my non-motherhood identity. This is partly why I blog. It’s also why I’m learning and doing more crafting. All these things will lead somewhere, even if the path isn’t fully outlined. Besides, I want to be more than ”just a mom and wife” for my family. 🙂

    • Thanks Lara… It’s nothing less than amazing to start to scratch the surface of The WHY 😀
      And I’d love to hear it when you do!

  4. As soon as I read your ’dreams’, they definitely went with the blogging world – community and supporting one another. Sounds like a really interesting TED talk. I also think that this relates to family life, that you should have goals/a 5 point manifesto if you like, that you refer back to when making decisions. Mine is very loose but I think it would help to make it a bit tighter. Perhaps there’s a blog post in there somewhere?

    • Thanks Suzanne, that’s so true about the blogging world 🙂
      You make such a great point here: Reflecting over your families goals and dreams before jumping into decision making. That’s a worthy challenge, and a great reminder.

      I definitely want to read that manifesto of yours! Tweet me, and I’ll share x

  5. I am with you here on so many ways. the ’why’ of things and connecting truly to that is the biggest motivator for change. When I work with people on improving their lives this is always a big part of it. Wonderful post. thank you. Kirsten

    • Thanks Sara. I love the acknowledgement being made here by Mel and yourself that happiness really is a worthy pursuit, and one that requires effort; also one that we CAN work for and CAN choose to strive for for our children x

  6. Wonderful post with such great and encouraging words!

    I have a dream too. Some of the things you mention here, I have similar desires for my children. A community – YES! Our world has been compartmentalized and community is lacking. Our children need community to grow and thrive.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  7. Lovely post, beautifully written. My dream is that my children grow up to be happy. That is it. If you’re happy, no matter what you do, what you have or where you are, you will be OK. Being happy sounds like a simple thing, but it’s so much harder than it sounds, doesn’t it? x

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