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About MisplacedBrit

About MisplacedBrit

Steph @MisplacedBritHi, I’m Steph!

Expat Brit mama of 3 living in Stockholm, Sweden. There’s me, Mr M, Miss 7, Miss 4 & my Little Man (2007, 2010, 2013).
When I’m not blogging I work in the pharmaceutical industry and am a PTSAHM (part-time-stay-at-home-mum).

I’ve been told I’m a little bit crazy – mostly (I think) because I like to talk to people, keep an open home. I like to smile big, laugh loud and often see problems more as possibilities than disasters.

I’m often up way to late, blogging, baking or planning parties. I love food! Making it AND eating it – especially with friends. And since having a garden I’m crazy about plants, earth & whether or not there are enough worms in my vegetable box! I’m crazy about chocolate and coffee …But hey, it’s dark (70%) so I have no quarms about allowing myself that luxury 😉


Mr M is the unbelievably good-looking Swede I met in the second year of university and fell madly in love with. He said he wanted to come back to Sweden for ’closure’ after finishing our degrees, so I came along for a gap year …That was 2002! Now he’ll always say it was always the plan to stay for longer than a year, but it’s my blog, my story …And he totally didn’t!
So here we are, 13 years later, and even in my own home I’m outnumbered 1:4 by Swedes <3


Miss 7 is our oldest. She lay in my arms and my heart turned to mush. She’s a whirlwind of creativity and an independent thinker with a heart overflowing with compassion.


Miss 4 is our second. I held her and the mush melted! She knows exactly what’s funny and what’s not; she is filled beyond understanding with integrity. She is generous, kind and daring.


My Little Man, the youngest. The tiny baby that wanted out extra early! Love no longer dwells in the walls of my chest it has seeped into every cell of my body. He utilizes every means of communication – face, gestures, actions, words. He’s a tactile joker. Also, still so little I don’t want to draw too many conclusions from the bumps, scrapes, bangs and crashes.


Why MisplacedBrit?

The name MisplacedBrit is a little tongue-in-cheek. I’m an expat Brit in Sweden and love living here; the meeting of cultures fascinates me. In my experience, it’s not until you invest in another culture that you really start to understand and question how much of the way you think and behave is ’you’ and how much is a product of your context. I love the tension and the learning in that.


So what’s MisplacedBrit all about?

I blog about parenting, food and lifestyle.

Simple, creative family life …Enjoying & surviving it

Outdoor fun; Craft & Activities; How To & DIY; Parent Hacks


More about MisplacedBrit, how I got into blogging and what I get out of it?

Check out MisplacedBrit – the blog lowdown @theReading Residence


My take on life with young children: Fun, crazy, full of laughter and love, challenging, wonderful, stressful, strenuous, magic, unforgettable, exhausting. The deepest joy, the most drawn out test of patience and tolerance …All in a day.

Thanks for popping by!  I’d love to hear from you.

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