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6 Days to Make a Sandwich & Growing CressAfter two weeks of nagging about us needing to buy cress seeds Miss 6 finally had me out in the shop looking for them, as well as some kind of ’mini greenhouse’ to grow them in. I thought we were looking at buying a bag of planting soil and who knows what else and admit that I’d procrastinated looking into it. Yet there stood the book on the kitchen bench of the little girl who’d grown her own cress as a daily reminder of what I was supposed to fix. What are you going to do with them I’d asked her – she is at best a reluctant taster of new greens! – Have it on a sandwich of course. So here you have it, 6 Days to Make a Sandwich, and everything we’ve learnt about how to grow your own cress.

Lessons we learnt:6 Days to Make a Sandwich & Growing Cress

– It’s so easy to grow your own cress

You just need seeds, some damp kitchen roll & a pot – with a lid, or plastic to cover the top. A water spray is handy if you’ve got one, but drips from the kitchen tap work just as well (no soil, fertiliser or plant lights required)

Cover the seeds/plants or the moisture escapes and they wither & dry up over night

6 Days to Make a Sandwich & Growing CressThey start to smell a bit funky if you don’t have an air vent! Poking a whole in the plastic would work fine, or wedging up the lid with a pen.

As pictured below, the plants DON’T recover after having things dropped on them.

Pick and eat them once they’re ready, if you wait a few days longer they can start to get fluffy mould at the base.

When you’re ready to harvest your homegrown cress you can cut them with a pair of scissors – they don’t ’pull’ off the tissue very well.

how to grow your own cress



My girls loved watching the cress grow. It was a fantastic reason and motivation to get dressed and go downstairs every morning!   I asked Miss 6 what she liked best about the whole thing… ”My cress” she said, taking another bite of her sandwich 🙂 And as soon as hers were picked, we were back to the beginning, only this time it was Miss 3 who was going to grow her own cress.

Growing Cress Day 1 Again


  1. I love this post! I have never grown my own cress. It seems easy and worth trying.
    Thank you for your visit. You have a lovely blog!

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