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7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach

As a part time stay-at-home mama, there are those days when the sky is clear, the sun is out, there’s no list of to-do’s that can’t be delayed and no reason not to go on an adventure. Well, who am I kidding, this is Sweden, however long and urgent the list of to-do’s might be, it needs to be put aside once there’s actually a nice day, and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

I’ve stopped telling Miss 4 and Miss 7 where we’re going on these occasions – the current of unison cries of ’that’s boring’ regardless of the response is driving me nuts!…

This time it was just the little ones, but I didn’t tell them anyway. Miss 4 was manipulated into the car with promises of hot chocolate, and reminders that EVERY trip we’ve been on she’s enjoyed herself! How hard should it be to go out and play?

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach

1) There’s nobody else there! You may literally get the whole beach entirely to yourself.

2) …(A continuation of 1) You can play all the silly games you like and run around like crazy, nobody’s bothered, you’re not in anybodies way. When I say ’you’, I mean parent.

3) You skip all the hassle of bringing swim-suits, armbands, rings, inflatable animals, floats and boats!

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


…Though remembering a towel and an extra pair of socks might still be a good idea!

4) Who needs fish! You can hook out ice instead.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


Maybe even walk on it? …Well, the ducks can anyway.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


5) You get your pick from the choicest selection of sticks, stones and driftwood – all of which you obviously need to come home with you afterwards.

6) Ducks couldn’t be more grateful for a few leftover bits of sandwich, even if it’s a slightly erratic 2 year old throwing it.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


In between throwing sticks!

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


7) You don’t need to pack up all your stuff to go on an ice-cream hunt. A thermos of hot chocolate is all that’s required.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


I love these opportunities for different combinations of siblings to hang out and play together. Seeing their relationship develop in front of your eyes. Seeing them watch and learn something from each other. Daring to try what the other managed.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


I’ve noticed with three, competition for each others attention is as much a daily battle as competition for ours. In comparison to that, when they can just be two at a time, there’s none of that. They can just be.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach


They can’t quite afford to fight or hold a grudge either, because there’s nobody around to replace the other with.

So maybe they help each other out instead. Share the last sandwich, and be there to pick the other up when they fall.

7 Reasons to Go Straight to The Beach

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7 Reasons to go straight to the beach – What are yours?





  1. Gorgeous piccies!!! And Hooking out ice?? that all sounds a bit chilly 😉 We’ve just moved away from the beach *sobs* but it was ALWAYS busy with dog walkers no matter what the time of year. We loved it and I would regularly just go for a walk on my own after dropping Reuben off and before starting work. It helped clear my mind – there’s something so magic about looking out and all you can see is water 🙂 Puts things into perspective a bit!

    thanks for linking up xxx #TheList

    • Going by myself …What a FANTASTIC idea!
      Sometimes life just gets caught up around the kids. All the places you should take them… And less about the places you should go by yourself 🙂
      I hope you discover many new beautiful places to wander by your new home <3

  2. We’ve spent 4 years living a 7 hour drive from our nearest beach in South Africa, we’ve relocated to Dubai and I’m now a 15 minute walk away, I try to go down every day although it’s getting a bit hot now

    • What a huge move! Yep, the beach on a boiling hot summer day, and the beach mid spring are definitely entirely different 🙂
      …Enjoy your beach! Thanks for popping by.

  3. Our beach is 5 minutes walk from the house and it is so beautiful at any time of year. The way the light plays on the mud and sand is stunning. The best thing about going to the beach though is that it is open space….. always!
    This is a lovely post Steph and the kids looks so content just being there…..

    • The open space – definitely 🙂
      Five minutes away from a beach has real potential to shape a lifestyle! Love it! Thanks Kate.

  4. What a beautiful day at the beach. Love all the fun filled photos. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Thanks Lindsay! I loved being able to snap away a little bit while they just got on with playing together… But then you have to put the camera down and get in there too don’t you 🙂

  5. Aww this looks like so much fun. I can not wait to go to the beech!! Lovely pictures..

    Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday blog hop..

  6. I love this so much Steph.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned the ”That’s boring!” response that you often get. LOL I’ve been getting that a lot lately too.

    Looks like an amazing time… now I want to go to the beach (although there definitely WON’T be ducks).

    • Haha! Seems like we have ducks in every pond and lake right now!
      …What are we going to do about this ’boring’?!

  7. Hi Steph, aren’t beaches best in winter? I’ve been lucky enough to lived near beaches all my life and love the seclusion of them on a cold winters day….Although I’ve never been to one when it’s so cold the water has iced! That photo made me shiver!

    I even go down there on my own sometimes, just to get away.

    I love the observation that when you only take two children they don’t fight as they don’t have anyone else to hook up with. Never thought of it like that; but as I only have two children I probably wouldn’t have noticed!

    Love the pictures.

    • Haha! No, I think you benefit from trying a few NEW dynamics …Whatever combinations they might be 🙂
      If you have two, they’re probably overdosed on 1-on-1 time already and almost immune to the extra benefits! I think though you certainly retain that element of not being able to maintain a drawn out annoyance with each other, then you’re really left with no one to play with!

  8. These pictures are so gorgeous huni! We love the beach any time of year. I think I might prefer it when it is colder, it feels more special. Thanks for much for linking up to #TheList xx

  9. I agree with you totally. Sadly we live so far away from the beach it’s impossible to go for the day but w are heading down to Cornwall soon and I intend to have some beach exploration as top of the ’to do list’ 🙂

    • It’s so easy to take the places that are close for granted, think about going there, but not actually get around to it. That goes for everything from parks to galleries; farms and beaches to swimming pools. There are many places around us – like this little beach – which we’re not at even nearly as often as we could be!
      What a great trip to look forward too, and beach should definitely be on that list 🙂

  10. What a lovely place to have fun and explore in these colder months. I know what you mean about three fighting for each others attention, it’s definitely calmer and more friendly with two.

    • There is something magical about offering different set-ups of family dynamic every now and again. There are obvious and immediate benefits to giving them 1-on-1 time with each other as much as 1-on-1 time with us 🙂

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