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Building with Edible Corn Puffs

Miss Six has built with Play Mais before, and loved it. At the time, Miss Two spent most of the afternoon sneak eating the pieces. Clearly evidenced by the colour of her tongue afterwards – though I can reliably inform that we didn’t see any worse consequences from this mid day snack!

And really, who could blame her! They look remarkably similar to the Corn Puffs all of them have eaten as toddlers. And again as siblings. Now with Mr One, they’re again in every shopping trolly purchase.

Have you tasted them?

They taste of absolutely nothing!

Apparently they were ’invented’ to be used as a packaging material. That doesn’t surprise me (but it might be an urban myth)!


Miss Six, feeling particularly perturbed upon hearing that we probably couldn’t buy endless supplies of Play Mais for all the creations she had in mind, glanced up and the Corn Puffs and had a eureka moment!

She’d build with those instead.

Well, only when Mr One was napping, or he’d never put up with all of them being taken out from under his nose.

And I was right…

The girls built with about half as many as they ate while building!


How to build a house with edible corn puffs:


Corn Puffs weren’t quite so obliging a building material as Play Mais. The girls needed to soak the ends for quite a few seconds to get them to stick together, as opposed to the Play Mais which just needs to touch a damp cloth. They’re also much more prone to dissolving altogether.

Building with Edible Corn PuffsThe girls had a great time eating, dipping, building, eating…

The only disappointment – and it was a big one! – was the morning after!

Miss 6 was NOT happy to find her house had started to disintegrate… But not upset for long enough for me to get a picture before she ripped off the middle section of roof and started eating it!


And this is what Play Mais actually looks like:


Photo credit for the Play Mais images: 1, 2, 3.

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  1. Great idea. It looks like fun and definitely the sort of thing my kids would love…..food and play all at the same time….fab!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • It must work with cheese puffs or monster munch too! The best thing with these kind of building sites, is that they have no problem cleaning (a.k.a eating) everything up afterwards 🙂

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