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Totally unplanned creativity this morning!Hand made bag 2

Miss 5 wanted to sow, so grandma dug out a piece of leftover fabric. They folded it over, thread a needle and she set to work. I never cease to be amazed – when you’ve never seen your kid do something before and the very first time, they just can. Yet again I realise that I’ve totally underestimated what she’s capable of doing.

The idea to make a bag was entirely her own. She dug out a piece of ribbon (got a bit of help sowing that on); found a Home made bag 3piece of lace – cut and attached that; then drew a flower on a piece of paper – coloured and cut it out and sowed that on too!!

She totally inspires me – I would never have thought of using paper for extra details.

The whole project took no more than 20 mins. Of course Miss 3 wanted one, and set about sowing… that one required a bit more assistance – but again, why have we only been using ready made, bought sowing kits with felt, punched out holes and big plastic needles?? Totally unnecessary.

Hand made bag 4


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