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DIY Colour Puzzle of Upper & Lower Case LettersAn easy DIY Colour Puzzle your little ones can make for themselves to learn, or just practice the upper & lower cases, and it won’t cost you anything!

Out came our free paint strips from the hardware store, and Miss 3 and Miss 6 set about cutting them all in half. Last time we were there I’d collected an entire series of colours and I gave them all of them. I thought it would be interesting to see how well they could distinguish between the colours. Obviously the strongest shades would be simple enough but I was wondering how they’d do on the very lightest washes of colour. My own little experiment on them in the guise of a game 🙂DIY Colour Puzzle of Upper & Lower Case Letters

Miss 3 started turning the coloured cards over. Her spontaneous creativity deciding that we were going to find pairs. We tried that for a little while, it wasn’t easy finding pairs with so many cards on the table! I waited…

Miss 6 started building card houses, but discovered that they weren’t so easy to build with cards that weren’t all cut quite the same size or shape. A bit of a disappointment.

I took one of the darker coloured cards and asked Miss 3 if there was another of that colour somewhere? It was Miss 6 who found it. Sometimes I see her ’resolving’ things before I think I’ve even finished the question!Colour Testing Kids Eyes

Then they were off, straight into a competition of who could collect the most pairs… Which obviously got harder and harder as all the darker options disappeared. Right down to the second to last shade they were quite easily matching everything, but the very lightest cards were ending up matched with which ever other card was the closest to grab. When I lay three or four cards slightly overlapping each other they occasionally picked out the two that were the same. I wondered if maybe their eye for subtle colour differences was something that developed over time, but certainly there were no profound differences between Miss 3 and Miss 6… While I struggled myself to match the remaining cards, Miss 6 had left the table – given up I thought… I was impressed they’d already been sat there for 20 minutes. But no, she came back with a pen & created the DIY Puzzle of Upper & Lower Case Letters!



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  1. The Mums say – What a great way to help our Little Big People learn letters – one of the Mums favourites this week 🙂

    Lucas says – It’s a good game but can I roll the paper up afterwards to make a really HUGE sword with?

    The Mums say – LUCAS!!!!! Behave…………

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  2. It’s great the way children come up with their own games and learning fun when you give them a simple prompt. Good ideas!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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