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IMG_4020Two mums, put our heads together and decided to fix a little surprise for our kids. For no reason whatsoever. I want to remember and savor this moment because it’s one of the happiest and most appreciative ones. It’s my experience with kids, that knowing something lovely is going to happen doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any less moody than when there’s nothing particular to look forward to at all. In fact sometimes they can behave so terribly despite the plans, that you’re on the verge of canceling whatever the lovely thing was, because enough is enough.

Having a secret surprise ahead is another matter entirely! DIY Paper Bag Puppets & Crafting with Leftover Cake They have no clue what lies around the corner. And because they don’t know, nothing about it gets baked into a bribe or a threat either!

There’s a great satisfaction in knowing you have wonderful tricks up your sleeve!

We invited our kids to a Puppet Monster Party

We had a puppet monster craft kit, pieces of leftover cake layers in the freezer, and a few decorations from New Years Eve! DIY Paper Bag Puppets & Crafting with Leftover Cake – Yes, that was a LONG time ago!

The kids had a great time creating their monster puppets from paper bags and all kinds of random craft supplies.

Then it was onto the cake – the layers of which had defrosted by this point. Their surprise at being allowed to cover the cake with cream themselves was priceless. Ooh the simple things.

Half a tub of sprinkles was ’spilt’ over the top then we pulled out the sparklers!

DIY Paper Bag Puppets & Crafting with Leftover Cake I just want to say here… I had never seen sparklers on a cake before I came to Sweden… But they do it here …And it’s ok! You can still eat it! Nothing has to catch fire, and no one has to get burned (well, I should write: use at own risk)!

We all sang ’happy birthday’ to the monster puppets then dug in, with juice served in sprinkle adorned glasses.

You can find the recipe for this ridiculously easy cake here: 3 Layered Cream Cake …With layers that are in the oven for all of five minutes! And who’d have thought you could have so much fun with leftovers!



Does upcycling cake leftovers count for #tastytuesday and #recipeoftheweek? …I hope so!

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LITTLE UPDATE: Julie asked a great question below! What on earth do I mean by ’leftover cake’?

So here goes:

When you follow this recipe, every layer you make is the size of an oven tray. If you’re making cake for a crowd and a huge rectangular one is what you want – then, no you won’t have leftovers…

But if you want a round cake, or any other shape, there are going to be bits of sponge ’leftover’ after you’ve cut out the pieces you want.
These are the leftovers I’m referring to!
I usually take a round cookie cutter, or a slightly large circle cutter (as used for the monster cake here) and cut out circles from the leftover sponge. I put these into freezer bags and hey presto, there are circles of leftover cake ready in the freezer for all impromptu  cake decorating needs.


  1. Such a clever way to use up leftover cake and loved this post, so fun to have let your kids get stuck in! Love a sparkler too! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  2. Looks like you all had loads of fun. I have to ask though, this ”leftover cake” that you talk about, I don’t understand. What is left over cake? Is it like left over wine? I’ve never understood that either!
    Happy Happy about your pinterest button, you just knew I would have to stop by to test it!

    • Haha! THANKS for letting me know it wasn’t working!
      So true… In a normal situation how could there EVER be leftover cake… Or leftover wine?!

      You’re totally right, I definitely need to clarify ’leftover cake’! This one requires an update to the post… Check out above! 🙂
      LOVE feedback! Thank you!

  3. Lots of surprises…great fun! You’re right the best fun for kids I think is when they are not expecting it. Looks like they had a wonderful time and with sparklers too….fantastic!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

    • I don’t know what they were more surprised about… Suddenly being informed that there was going to be a party; both making AND eating a cake on a random week night; or the sparklers in the cake? – That was definitely the first time they’d seen it!

    • There definitely was something special about that little green cake 🙂 …What totally blew their minds is that we just cut it into six pieces directly and ate the whole thing!
      So often they just get served a slice. We split this between us as if it was only an apple we were sharing.

  4. Oh Steph! I just love that you did this! What a special, wonderful moment that I’m sure your children will remember and love for a long time!

    How absolutely awesome! I love surprises… so delightful.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  5. Surprises are the best…. im awful at keeping surprises and therefore my kids don’t get many…. we have seen sparklers on cakes here… hey make it look spectacular… 🙂 and the cake does look delicious. #letkidsbekids

  6. I’m never that keen on sponge cake leftovers. I think moister cakes like banana bread work better as they don’t tend to dry out. But great idea letting the children ice it themselves

    • Ooh a banana bread cake that’s a wonderful suggestion!
      I love most how crazy quick this one is and that they can take a pair of scissors and just cut the layers into any shape or random pieces they like. We’ve definitely had our best cake PLAY times with this
      …Perfect test of fine motor skills cutting sponge! 🙂

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