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Today was one of those days when you’re stuck in the house. Mr 10 months not well, Miss 3 getting a fever, Miss 6 (possibly just not wanting to be the only one to have to go to school) complaining of earache. We started making our rainbow rice, and toilet roll owls – two of my Top 10 January Pinterest inspirations (here); completed 9 jigsaw puzzles; and then face paints!

The girls love having their faces painted. Both have very clear ideas of how they want their face to look – these are not opportunities for amateur practice, rather nothing less than the very very best you can do. They pay attention to each brush stroke and know exactly where in the image you’re up to, and when you’ve strayed from it!

After painting their faces today (still in shock that Miss 3 had requested something other than Spider Man) I asked if they wanted to paint mine – one cheek each. In the spirit of: offer a cheek and hopefully it will at least be only my face getting covered ;-). It was so funny to see how seriously they took their opportunity to have me as their canvas. They knew exactly what they wanted to paint and and there was no way I was going to get the chance to look at it prior to completion. They were giggling away to themselves as I felt the brush strokes moving over my nose on one side and down my neck on the other. It took them way longer to paint me than it had taken me to paint them, and they couldn’t have been more satisfied with themselves than to be able to glance over even hours later and still see their masterpieces on my face.

I love those moments when I’ve thought that the nicest thing I could do for my kids is to ’do’ something for them – something that they’ve asked for, or that I know they love doing; only to realise that actually what they enjoyed most was doing it with me, or in this case for me <3

So throwing a fun-mama/papa activity your way! You can take out those face paints this weekend and ask who wants to paint you instead 🙂


What those of you who’ve liked my facebook page know, is that what I walked around with for those few hours, was Miss 6’s beautiful illustration of a poo laying in the grass on a sunny day, with flies buzzing around it! Miss 3 had painted rainbows.


    • Oh no! But can she paint your face instead? 🙂
      When my girls ask if we can play with the face paints and I don’t think we have ’time’ to do it, they sometimes take the crayola washable pens and draw tattoos on their arms instead! – Have you tried that? 🙂

  1. We did this a few weeks ago, my daughter loved it, she also went for a rainbow (but once the black paint got involved it was more of a blobbly mess!) It was going great until the doorbell rung and I has to answer the door to the postlady! Luckily it wasn’t my usual grumpy postman and she saw the funny side!

    • Fantastic!! What is it about black …I try to hide it every other time I take the paints out 😉
      Well done you for actually answering the door …Your little one must have felt very pleased with herself – her artistic expression getting an audience!

    • Haha! She was very secretive about what she was painting, and chuckling away to herself the whole time – telling Miss 3 not to tell me anything (which was extra funny, because I’m absolutely certain Miss 3 had no idea what was going on)!

  2. Face painting is so much fun. My kids love it! Well done for letting them loose on you! I hope no one came to the door!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

    • Haha! No they didn’t… but I had it on my face for so long they totally could have – by the time I washed it off it was cracking!

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