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Kites on beachI read in the Lonely Planet California, that a perfect thing to do in San Diego at this time of year is to fly kites. We’ve seen a few people with them. The kids have never flown one. I don’t remember the last time I flew a kite. It was certainly nothing I remember working very well! Well, I now know that that’s because we never tried at the best place!

The Best Place to Fly a Kite: The Beach

You don’t even need to run with it!

Beach kiteUp the kite goes, all by itself. Higher and higher into the sky. Way up high.

Miss 3 was pleased as punch that she could do it all by herself. Stood there, gripping the handle, she was a picture of confidence and success.

Miss 6 was so elated it just wasn’t enough to stand there holding it. She strutted down to the breaking waves, twisted and danced in the foaming water, pelting out the entire soundtrack of Frozen. It was beautiful. Beach kitesI was taken aback by how much she’s grown, how she played, how she moved, enjoying every second of seeing her in her own little world. She was completely oblivious to everybody and everything except her song, the waves and the kite.

We only bought one kite, I hadn’t been entirely convinced that they’d be able to do it by themselves, or that they’d find it entertaining for more than five minutes.Beach kites I was wrong on both of those counts. But for once, having one didn’t turn into a battle of sharing. It turned into a game. Whoever had it ran off up the beach with it, and whoever caught them got to fly it next.

Mr 1 was even content gripping onto the handle, plucking away at the cord, and glancing up every now and again at what was at the end of it.


A very easy and relaxing afternoon. Broken by sudden shouts from Miss 3. I turned to see Mr M sprinting toward the apartments at the back of the beach grasping after the handle, as the kite flew higher and higher, only slightly out of reach and then disappeared over the roof of a building. ’Nooooooooo’ came the cry. Heartbroken disappointment.

But wait! It got caught in a tree.

The kite rescue party returned…


The Reading Residence

My Word of the Week: RESOLUTION

Sometimes things just don’t work. Sometimes they go wrong, when moments ago they’d been working! Sometimes ideas don’t work out the way we wanted them to. There’s nothing wrong with disappointment. Sometimes there’s nothing that can be done about it, and hard as it is we can only move on. But sometimes it’s not the end! Sometimes what you thought you’d lost, you find. What was broken, can be mended. It may not look quite like it did before, but it not only works, there’s fun to be had! And what a gift to give a child, if instead of teaching them that mama or pappa can probably fix something, teaching them that disappointment doesn’t need to be the end of it. Giving them the chance to solidify their belief in themselves to resolve disappointment, to shake circumstance and shape outcome – resolution.

Miss 6 wiping the tears from her face: ’We can find something else for the handle Mama!´



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Learning for Life



  1. Great post Steph, such awesome photos too. I have funny memories of kite flying from when I was a child. We must give it another go. Looks so beautiful where you are. Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto (no-one’s noticed how late I am commenting have they?!)

    • Thank you! I couldn’t agree more, it really is so so simple, and so much fun 🙂
      I seem to remember hearing at some point that the better the tails the better they fly, would be quite cute to let the little ones discover tail making too!

    • Thank you lovely! wow – but you guys are ’regular’ kite fliers… That’s fantastic! Do you have ones that steer? I guess that’s the next step. Mr M had shopping plans after a few minutes at the beach 🙂
      As for the beach… It’s perfect!

    • Yes Jaime! It’s totally worth it! It is really a fantastic feeling ’controlling’ a flying object… Even if it’s more like *erm hanging on to a flying object 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Kierna! …I love that I now have something to do with all these ’random’ shots 🙂

  2. Such a lovely Tail. We haven’t flown our kites for a few years now. Must make time to it again. Such a great word. yes sometimes things just don’t work out, And sometimes they do….

    • Totally! Kites are so much fun, and such easy fun! Do you have a beach near you? I just never knew how easy it would be at a beach 😉

  3. We love kite flying! We bought the 4yo a kite for Christmas, though truth be told, it’s more the husband and I that fly it and enjoy it! Great word choice, too, and gave me pause to think. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Haha! But that’s awesome that you guys enjoy it!! Everything doesn’t need to be about the kids 😉
      Looking forward to a quiet coffee & gaze through #WotW posts!

  4. This is amazing and I am OOHHH so jealous as I have NEVER flown a kite. I know sad but true. I love kite pictures though, always looks like so much fun! All these are so lovely. What a great time and great memories made. #countrykids

    • Oh you gotta get one!! This one was the cheapest in the shop, just a few pounds. I love that it doesn’t need to be a crazy expensive, huge one that takes up tonnes of space at home too!! Haha, but saying that Mr M’s completely determined to buy a ’proper’ one now! 😉

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