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Kids Paintbrush Massage

I don’t take for granted that there’s an opportunity in every day to have a cosy peaceful quiet moment with my kids. Some days it just doesn’t happen – for any number of reasons. Some days we’re just too busy :-(. But when Miss 3 came over to me today with a rubber pastry brush to brush my cheeks, I just went with it. My cheeks, my forehead, my ears, my eyelids, my neck. I brushed her hands and fingers and the contours of her face. She sat motionless enjoying every stroke.

I’ve seen first hand primary school classes here in Sweden where there’s a scheduled time in the afternoon to relax for 10 minutes. The kids lay or sit down, the lighting is dimmed and they put some music on. I’ve seen the kids run over to where the paintbrushes are kept to grab one and then sit in a ring each painting dry brush strokes onto the back of the child in front of them. Kids paintbrush massage.

In a society where we’re so scared of touch, I love that they’ve found and encourage appropriate ways for children to reach out to each other.

What about at home? Why not throw some cushions on the floor, put some music on and relax with our little ones; raid the painting box or the utensil drawer & have a quiet moment with your child today.

Even Mr. 8 months loves having his hands brushed.


Painting… Pastries… Massage…

What do you use your brushes for?


Kids Paintbrush Massage

Kids Paintbrush Massage

Kids Paintbrush Massage


  1. Lovely! We used to do a quiet time at the nursery we worked at but Ofsted gave us a telling off instead of any praise for it! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

    • What?!! Seriously. Can you give kids more valuable life lessons in a super stressed society than teaching them to take moments of calm and showing them how?

      • Yep! Seriously! I used to get them to go and get a cushion or a teddy and go and lay down and listen to some relaxing music or a story CD, always after lunch, because i believe after lunch is a time to chill out and relax, not fill up on a 2 course meal then go running around the outdoor area!

  2. Hi Steph, apologies for not commenting sooner.

    I love this idea, T used to love massages when he was small, but I don’t think to do it anymore, will give this a go tonight! X

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