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There is only one toy in this house that all three of our children are equally as content playing and creating with. Mr 15 Months, Miss 3 and Miss 6 alike. Everyone stops what they’re doing when the Duplo comes out. Miss 3 is all into playing, My Little Man destructing, whilst Miss 6 has blown me away with mathematical structures and 3D Duplo puzzles.

There are a few times the last few months that I’ve walked into a room and been shell shocked by the Duplo creations waiting of me. When I saw Miss 6 sitting in the living room a few days ago with the Duplo again, I grabbed the camera and sat down to figure out how she builds them!



I’ve asked Miss 6 a few times if she wants me to take out the smaller Lego?

”No! when I build with Duplo I see it growing in my hands!”


I love watching how Miss 6 builds, how quietly she contemplates and concentrates on where the next piece is going. I think the heartbeat of letting kids be kids is just leaving them at what they’re doing without trying to shape or change it, whether they’re running around outside, creating a mess, or a masterpiece!









  1. Great structure! My son loves them as well & he loves towers and is always testing how high can he go with them. He is learning to add base to make the structure more resilient for when its high. #magicmoments

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