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Banoffee Pie baseThere can’t be a luxurious desert simpler to make than this No fail Banoffee Pie, and whilst I’m pretty sure that most British people know what a Banoffee Pie is, I’ve rarely come across a Swede who understands what I’m saying never mind actually tried it… so to all Swedes out there, this is especially for you! – I’ll wait for some feedback before I label it ’Typical English’!

I’ve seen a number of recipes out there but this one is my firm favourite, by far the simplest, most fail proof, and in this case ’perfection by a 6 year old’. The basis of the recipe originates from a community post on Nigella Lawson’s site (here) …just a few little differences 😉

BAnana + tOFFEE = BANOFFEEBanoffee Pie base

No Bake – No Fail Banoffee Pie

Serves 8-10, and you only need 6 ingredients! If you prepare the toffee beforehand the whole process takes a 6 year old 20 minutes.

For the base:

– 400g (1lb) crushed digestive biscuits

– 200g (1/2lb) melted butter

For the middle:Banoffee Pie Toffee

– 2 tins of sweetened condensed milk – boiled for 2-3 hours SUBMERSED in water the whole time (the longer they boil the thicker the toffee, ours boiled for 3 hours). Boiling caramelises the condensed milk (aka. Dulce de leche) – the smoothest, melt in your mouth toffee you could ever hope to taste!

– 2 large ripe bananas

For the topping:

– 0.5 L (5dl/ 1 pint) double/whipping/heavy cream

– (If young kids aren’t eating it, a splash of coffee in the cream is delicious)

– 50g (2oz) chocolate of your choice to grate on top

Banoffee Pie toffee filling1. Boil the condensed milk, as noted above. Make sure the tin is SUBMERSED or apparently it will explode when you start opening it!! Ours wasn’t completely submersed the whole time… it didn’t explode, but it was pretty nerve wrecking opening the tin. Miss 6 got so freaked out she cut her finger 🙁 then watched from a safe distance as I opened them!

2. Mix together the crushed digestive biscuits and melted butter, then pour it into desert dish and squash it down. You could chill at this point if you want – we don’t usually do that… just carry on!

3. Spoon out your condensed milk toffee onto the base, and spread it out.Banoffee Pie Bananas

4. Peel and slice the bananas, then lay them out onto the toffee.

5. Whip the cream (optional: add a splash of coffee), then spread that over the bananas

6. Sprinkle grated chocolate over the top.

…Now since Miss 6 had done all of this, I didn’t really get much of a say when she wanted to cover her creation with cupcake sprinkles too! …this is quite a diversion from the ’classic’ desert I was going for, but what could I do? She knew exactly where they were! …So we finished with slightly pimped No bake – No fail Banoffee Pie.



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  1. To avoid the ’boiling the tin’ scenario (which I agree is scary) you can actually buy tins of caramelised condensed milk…….called Carnation Caramel (Nestlé). How simple is it to make scrumptious Bonoffee Pie now?! 🙂

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