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We booked our trip to California two weeks before the departure date. Painting with Cotton BudsMiss 3 and Miss 6 first heard about it the morning after, and since the first mention there’s been a (four times) daily countdown to when we’re leaving. I had great intentions about ’preparing’ them for what we would be doing and seeing. But with 14 days to go; visa wavers to sort out; international driving licences to order & collect; packing; finding a tenant; cleaning out our home; oh yes and builders fixing a situation in the bathroom – we didn’t get very far! Actually, the only ’cute little activity’ we got around to doing was with Miss 3 Painting with Cotton Budswhen I got 30 minutes alone with her one beautiful morning and out came the cotton buds and paint.

I asked Miss 3 what her favourite number was. Five! Very convenient because we’re going away for five weeks. Very convenient to that I happened to take out blue and red paint – great colours for our trip to US. I squeezed out some paint onto a paper plate whilst we talked about how long five weeks was, and passed her aPainting with Cotton Buds handful of cotton buds. ’Am I allowed to use those mama?’ – I LOVE when I get the chance to surprise them with a generous helping of something they weren’t expecting at all… In this case cotton buds, which we’re always otherwise telling them to leave alone, or just not to stuff into their ears!

My little loved one (who I’m absolutely not allowed to refer to as little at all, so by default, My Big Girl) was so lovely to watch once she gotPainting with Cotton Buds going with the dipping and stamping. She was so carefully and precisely setting up each little stamp with the cotton bud it was as if she was painting the finest china. Focus, concentration and precision. I’d drawn her the outline of a number five and she was trying to keep her spots inside the shape first of all. Once the five was done, she went for a three, then free stamping her own monster shapes onto the paper. Miss 3 was more than pleased with her cotton bud painting and that is of course the reaction to wait for! Was it just me that thought this would be fun ot did I allow my girls the freedom to figure out for themselves what they would like to do with the materials available to them?

Painting with cotton buds,  a fun way to paint and a great way to practicing fine motor skils. I’ll be taking them out again next time Miss 6 has a homework that needs colouring in. Different techniques are great for maintaining creativity when tasks like colouring can otherwise get tedious after a while. Not all homework needs to be completed with a pack of colouring pencils!


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    • Fine motor skills – absolutely 🙂 …I just loved loved how focussed Miss 3 was, just because it was that little bit more awkward to hold than a brush!

    • Oh fantastic! Planning holiday activities in advance – perfect!! That way you actually know you’ve got everything you need too! So glad you liked it.

    • Thanks Anna! I totally agree, and I love how focussed Miss 3 was because it was so small an item to paint with 🙂

    • Thank you lovely! Yep, we’re definitely going to do it again. It was so much fun seeing how focussed Miss 3 was with this one 🙂

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