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I have been desperately trying to regain some level of control over the girls bedroom!IMG_6026

There are soft toys, bags, dress-up clothes, small small tiny gadgets, toys, papers & drawings, lego, books, puzzle pieces & playing cards mixed up in everything, everywhere! Miss 5 loves to rearrange what she’s storing in little tins and boxes all the time – so whatever once had a ’home’ there ends up nomadic. Since jewellery boxes are currently full of chestnuts and acorns, the presence of totally knotted together necklaces and bracelets were an unmissable addition to the chaos.

I started collected them all together – unbelievable – I honestly think we have every piece of jewellry either one of them has EVER made, and they’re not wearing or playing with any of them.

Funny that the idea of ’activities’ is often associated with ’creating’ something… well this time we were deconstructing – and they loved it! We cut open every ’rejected’ piece.

Of course the result of all of this was a totally full box of exciting, colourful beads, and a bag of ready sized pieces of elastic – so the last three days they’ve wanted to make necklaces & bracelets every evening 🙂 …a little bit counter productive for my clean-up (!) but new creativity from old toys – that’s what it’s all about,  and it can´t get cheaper than recycling!


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