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At the beginning of our holiday we took a day trip to a hidden little beach just outside Stockholm. A couple of buckets and spades, a football and a picnic.

Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach FullThe last time I was there, Miss 4 wasn’t even walking.

I remembered it being a cute little place with a small garden centre and café.

Not the name.

Not where it was.

A great starting point for an adventure.

Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach FullA.k.a driving around lost in the car for an extra forty minutes.

The girls were thrilled that we were lost – because they’d eaten a great big breakfast before we got into the car!

Exhilarated every time they caught a glimpse of water, as that was a new road for us to try.

And we tried every one of them!

Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach Full

It wasn’t a particularly hot day so we didn’t pack swimming things, or towels.

…Notice the mistake already?

You can’t go within 500 meters of water with kids and not take towels!

…And swimming things.

And armbands.

Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach FullAnd extra clothes.

And extra, extra clothes!

Check out Mel’s list right here: Pre-Packed Bag for Stress Free Summer Days (LeCoinDeMel.com)!


Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach FullNot that silly little mistakes like these need to cause limitations!

Sending them in anyway, is easily scored Brownie points.


I went for the typical english solution…

Tucking their dresses into their underwear.

Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach FullAt least, I think it’s typical english?

My grandma always used to do it.

A sudden flash back to beautiful memories.

The typical swedish way is of course nudity.


Sand Sensory Box ...Or a Whole Beach FullToday’s eureka moment:

It’s taken me a while, but I finally figured out why Mr 1’s butt cheeks are so grainy!

He doesn’t just sit in sand.

He eats it.

Caught in the act!



Maybe you caught a glimpse of the snake we found slithering over a rock and up into a tree! 1.5 meter long Common Grass Snake. Yellow markings on either side, below the head …We checked what it was when we came home!

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful hidden little sand beach in the Stockholm area, with café, swings and rocks, check this one out in Boo! Baggensvägen, Saltsjö-Boo, Nacka.



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Finally we found our Swedish rocks! Last time we were in Joshua Tree National Park, California

And for my favorite beach swing shot, check out Silent Sunday, week 28 


  1. Aw I love this post. The simplicity of a day at the English seaside! And yes I think it must be an English thing- my mum always used to tuck our dresses into our knickers. Never assume you can swim in England!! x x

  2. These are the best kind of days! The boys love it if they think we’re lost, and it is always the days where you’ve forgotten the clothes/swim gear/towels that turn out to be the best 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

  3. Love how children are thrilled when grown-ups are not too sensible. Has taken me years to persuade my OH that going into the sea in clothes is perfectly fine and loads of fun.
    Lovely pictures and memories

  4. Thanks for the mention sweetie! We even took our pre-packed bag to Devon and France 😉 love the anecdote of little man’s sandy bottom. Xx

    • I love the pre-packed bag 🙂
      As for the sandy bum, I just couldn’t understand why days after being at a beach there was still sand in his nappy! Well… Now I know!

  5. Great little beach. Glad you found it, in the end. It is amazing how resourceful you can be when you fail to pack something. A good thing that we are passed the stage of forgetting nappies and having to improvise. Oh happy days. Please let the summer go on and on. #CountryKids

  6. What a great find – the children didn’t seem bothered that they didn’t have towels or costumes!! It looks like they had a great time and enjoyed exploring the beach. Thanks for linking up and sharing your adventure and fun with Country Kids.

  7. I could never have got away with not knowing where we’re going-my two would have given me a very hard time in the car! Excellent so.ution to the clothes issue by the way and I absolutely love that sandcastle 🙂

    • Haha! They’d eaten A LOT of pancakes before we got into the car 🙂 They thought it was very amusing that it was mama that was lost instead of pappa!
      …Which was extra hilarious, because I actually get lost much more than he does!!

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