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Shaving Foam Magma Doodle

What a CRAZY game, and sensory play table.

Shaving foam artThe kids could not believe that I was actually suggesting that they take pappa’s shaving foam. There was a great deal of cheeky suspense in the kitchen as to what exactly we would be doing with it 🙂 A friend of Miss 6 had dropped by in the morning, and although it wasn’t my intention for this to be a ’group’ activity I was totally set and mentally prepared to try this pinterest activity out (check out the original at  HappyHooligans. The kids LOVED it! Experimentation started small and then knew no bounds.

First they were really careful about spraying it, then there were towers. It was all smudged around and drawn into. Shaving foam mountain1I’d put a new plastic mat on the table (my ’make life simple’ accessory) and they were trying to uncover the pictures below. They got a glass of water each to dip their finger into, but Miss 3 had other ideas. She spent 10 minutes covering the glass in foam, inside and out as if she was icing a wedding cake. She didn’t care at all what the others were up to. The six year olds decided the whole table top looked like a giant cake and asked for sprinkles. The expression on children’s faces when they fully believe that you’re not going to agree to something and you do 🙂 Little did they know that I had some very old sprinkles that probably should be put to some other use than bakery! shaving foam messOf course that was a development worthy of a distraction from her icing, so Miss 3 turned her attention to eating her sprinkles instead… decorate with one, eating two…

About that moment, our little friends mama arrived. We’ve said hello once – when they moved in about 10 months ago – waved at each other a couple of times but that’s it! It’s the girls who’ve been playing together… You could say that the sight she got from the doorway wasn’t quite what she’d expected ”Erhhhh, yes, we’re experimenting a bit… but your daughter has an apron on” …What could I say?! She’d come to take her daughter to go to the shops with her, but we agreed it was probably easier if she stayed with us, since she looked like she’d just been to her first Foam Party!

When they were finished I sent them off to the bathroom, and it was just a matter of rolling up the mat and up to the shower with it later, so not too bad! I’d totally do it again, and you can buy really cheap shaving foam so I’d definitely call this shaving foam magma doodle, frugal fun.

The only evidence we’d been up to mischief was the distinctly masculine smell in the kitchen!

Shaving Foam Magma Doodle

– the visuals…


How do you think your kids would respond to a shaving foam magma doodle on your kitchen table?



  1. We love shaving foam play! We havent done it for while, will have to plan it soon i think! Last time we made shaving foam cupcakes with sprinkles and glitter etc!

    Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Hope you can join in again this week! You will find the link up over with Leandra at larabee-uk.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Oh my word Steph this looks like the best fun EVER!!! POD would absolutely adore doing something like this, the messier the better. Sounds like it went down very well! Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

    • It’s so cute that it smells like pappa!! Or at least in our case it did 🙂 You’re little ones are going to have a fantastic time with this one!

    • It really is a lot of fun, and I love that, at least in my house, my kids were so shocked that I was actually giving them pappa’s shaving foam and pretty much saying let’s use it all up/’waste’ it all, which I just don’t say! 🙂

  3. Shaving foam is great fun to play with! We’ve done a few things, but painting with it in the bath was the best so far (a few drops of food colouring makes some great paint!). #LetKidsBeKids

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