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It’s during the summer, with festivals in Stockholm like Stockholm’s Park Theater when I feel most impressed with Swedish culture and overwhelmed with the diversity of free entertainment and events.

Cirkus ImagoA little while ago I ventured out on a drizzling afternoon with all three of my little monkeys to see Circus Imago’s performance. Had I realized at the time that it was going to be outdoors, we wouldn’t even have gone. So this time I’m grateful for naivety, that we’d already arranged to meet our wonderful neighbors there, and that the weather cleared up right in time!

There we were, sat in raincoats on picnic mats on the floor, eating pancakes (well you have to have a couple of bribes to hand)! Cirkus ImagoAnd for every minute that went, more and more boxed in by other kids and families. I did wonder if this was an entirely intelligent place to be sitting with a 1 year old. No easy escape and no idea what his concentration span would be.

I didn’t need to be concerned at all.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this two man show. Cirkus ImagoThe sheer talent of the two artists, Dag Andersson and Anna Lagerkvist at grabbing and holding the kids attention and imagination was a thing to see.

Every inch of the stage, behind the scene and viewing area was utilized, from laying on the ground to balancing in the rafters. There wasn’t anything static about Circus Imago’s performance.

From Mr 1 to Miss 6 to Miss 34 we were completely reeled in and absorbed. Cirkus ImagoOf course it helps if you’re drawn to physical comedy.
And nothing’s going to go down better with young children than a fully fledged fantasy on all things fart! From filling balloons to flying. Or at least being hurtled across the stage by your partner!

Mr 1 was all eyes, and the rest of us in stitches.

At the climax of the show the kids were all invited on stage to grab opposite ends of a thick rope, ready to create the next act for the circus. Mr 1 was up on his toes, peering over the edge doing all he could to get closer. I honestly thought they were about to play tug of war! Instead up shoots Anna, balancing as on a tightrope. I have no idea how they pulled that one off, and the kids were equally as amazed that they had done it!


Cirkus ImagoMiss 3 was laughing about it for days later, and running around the room blowing raspberries to fuel her super speed!

We’ve now watched Miss 6’s third direction of an outdoor performance.

And Miss 34 hasn’t stopped talking about it.

Thank You Circus Imago for a wonderful evening!

Cirkus ImagoMy word of the week: Performance

Lively, imaginative, creative, infectious performance. No limits or restrictions. The stuff of dreams.




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    • It was absolutely fantastic! We’ve pinned down a few dates for future events too – girls looking forward to it. But they have very high expectations now!

    • The actors were fantastic!! It’s totally true. There wasn’t an instant they weren’t totally in to it! …Here’s to the spread of great ideas! 🙂

    • Isn’t it just! When does it end?
      In Sweden the word for poo is literally poo sausage… Miss 6 still hasn’t gotten over that! 🙂

  1. This looks like such fun. I’ve found some amazing free or very reasonably priced events in London too this Summer for kids – art workshops, theatre in the park etc and we’ve been enjoying loads of these too. I’ve always wanted to visit Stockholm properly (visited ages ago very briefly) and it sounds like Summer is the time to visit. Maybe next Summer!

  2. How fab to be able to watch a live performance and with the children. It sounds like they enjoyed the active performance and being able to join in too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • They had so much fun!! Outdoor performances like these are such a fantastic opportunity for kids to get drama and artistry right up in their face, and climbing up on stage like that, landing it right in their hands.

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