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Chocolate Christmas TreatsSwedish Chocolate Christmas Treats –

Continuing on the theme of ridiculously simple, it doesn’t get easier than no bake, two ingredient goodies! These icy cold Swedish chocolate Christmas treats are smooth, tasty, melt in your mouth delicious! Typical Swedish treats for Christmas/ New Year.


Swedish Chocolate Christmas Treats

All you need is

– 200g (7oz) dark chocolate

– 100g (3 1/2 oz) coconut butter

You can personalize these little treats with any additional flavour you fancy. Add up to1/2 tsp of vanilla or mint essence; coffee; liquor… Chocolate Christmas Treats

This makes about 30 – depending how much gets eaten before it reaches the small foil cups!


1) Melt the chocolate in a ceramic bowl over boiling water.

2) Melt the coconut butter in a separate pan.

3) When both have melted add the coconut butter to the chocolate (and an additional flavour, if you’ve chosen to use one). Stir them together.

4) Spoon the mix into small foil cups and refrigerate. Once they’ve solidified (about 40 mins) you can serve them straight from the fridge, or at room temp. From the fridge they’re icy cold and somewhat harder, at room temp they just disintegrate in your mouth… best to try both (a few times) and see what you prefer 🙂


It was great watching the girls focus and concentration as they poured the chocolate liquid into the foil cups with the sauce spoon. They did a much better job of getting it in than I did… The puddles on the plate, that was me!

And by the way… MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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  1. That does sound absurdly easy and absurdly delicious … slight problem for me though, I can’t get coconut butter! Could I use coconut oil? I imagine cocnut butter is just solidified coconut oil?

    • Hi Lou, I’ve done some research… You should definitely be able to use coconut oil instead – the biggest drawback is that the oil is more expensive! Use virgin oil to maintain the slight coconut flavor (you won’t get this with refined coconut oil). I hope that helps.
      I’ve also read that well stocked health food stores should have coconut butter.

      Good luck! Let me know how you get on 🙂

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