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Mr 8 months is the first of our three children whose cry I understand. I can hear that his tummy hurts, that he needs to burp, that he’s hungry, upset, tired, hurt himself or constipated! That he’s thirsty isn’t always obvious; that his nappy needs changing is a bit hit & miss. All of this that is to say, DURING THE DAY!

In the hours of darkness, he speaks a different language, one that I am destined to be incapable of learning, because I am TOO TIRED to start studying at that time! None of his cries mean what they’re supposed to mean – his nappy doesn’t need changing, his gums aren’t hurting, he doesn’t need to burp, he’s not cramping and pulling up his legs so it’s not his tummy. He’s yawning, rubbing his eyes, leaning against me – so he IS tired! He’s not looking for food – so he’s not hungry… and he’s totally not getting any in the middle of the night anyway – we’ve definitely given up with that… (except in desperation… and then it doesn’t work, because he wasn’t hungry anyway!?)!

A night of sleep deprivation and out come the CAPITALS!

Actually this month has been the first real break from seven months of sleep deprivation – there’s good reason for me to feel HAGGARD!

Today I’m reminded of the MILLIONS of other mothers in EXACTLY the same situation that I am in now!

FORGET the washing; the cleaning; fixing food; sorting through clothes; taking out the next size; making baby food(!); opening post or trying to do ANY task.

…the BEST tips I’ve been given, I’ve been given now – with my THIRD child!

– Wet washing can be washed again tomorrow (it is not going to go mouldy over night)!

– It’s OK that you haven’t got the energy for any game or activity for your older kids – let them watch a movie! …give them popcorn… (the thanks you get for that is far greater than a dinner you spent hours making, even with one hand)!

– It’s OK to eat ’breakfast’ again for dinner!

– Ask for help!! Just ask someone to take your baby for a 1.5hr walk so you can sleep for 1! It doesn’t mean you’re not succeeding as a parent, you don’t need to wait until you’re even more desperate – ’practice’ asking for help! It’s a matter of acknowledging that your body is being LITERALLY TORTURED by lack of sleep.

When my second daughter was born a friend & mother of three said

Don’t offer me muffins, unless you bought them!



Let’s just squeeze one big giggle into your day:

 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

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  1. Oh I have soooo been through this!! 🙂 I remember weeping on the phone to my sister at 4 am telling her I’d *die* if she doesn’t get to me because my daughter wouldn’t stop crying. No reason-she just was one of those born to cry! After 5 hours or crying and ten minute naps, she stopped crying with the surprise of seeing my sister at 4.30. These are the joyous scenes that are omitted from every singe baby related advert! 🙂 x

    • So perfect your sister just got up and came over – you gotta love that!! SUPPORT in person!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. So true and comes at an ideal time when I’m sleep deprived and very grumpy. Asking for help is the way forward. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  3. Such great tips and so very true. I remember being told to forget the washing and the cleaning! Seems such a simple thing but your so delirious with tiredness! POD never napped so that sleep when the baby sleeps was twottle! Great post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  4. Sleep deprivation is the absolute worst thing ever, and asking for help is essential. It is hard if you’re a perfectionist but you have to know you can’t be everything to everyone.

  5. Sleep deprivation is the worst. They are great tips – I find it really hard to forget about the little things that don’t really matter (like the washing) when I’m completely knackered, but they really DON’T matter. Love the title of this post and thanks for the laugh with MM xx #brillblogposts

  6. Sleep deprivation has to be the worst thing ever. You are allowed to use capital letters when your little monster does not let you rest. It is just awful, isn’t it? I could not agree more… The washing can be done later, the kids do not need constant entertainment from their parents and cake or popcorn for dinner is OK once in a while! I used to worry about asking for help, but with baby #4 I am somehow rather comfortable letting friends walk kids to school, take them out for the day or cook dinner for us! x Mel

  7. You really do have a point, sometimes I worry I don’t do as much for my latter children as I did the first two but logistics of many just dictate that you can’t.

    • I honestly believe that the exponential love the latter children receive from parent x parent x every additional sibling IS WORTH MORE THAN GOLD! Far more than you could have ever given yourself.

      When we have our first, our expectations are so ridiculous, because we believe we’re going to be ’everything’ for that one. As soon as there are other siblings in the picture we can’t live up to the initial intention of ’being everything’ but it was ridiculous and naive from the very start!

      Haha! Major ’mentoring myself’ moment here 🙂

      @Coombemill YOU ARE AWESOME!

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