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What’s Not in Your Changing Bag When It’s Your Third Child!

Just two days after a blog post on the parenting differences with child #1, #2 and #3 (here)… and what do I do? Meet a friend for lunch with a totally over full pram bag, with at least 4 different toys in it to keep Mr 8 months amused (feeling very proud of myself about that foresight)… Only to discover – after some significant, and very obvious baby bowel movements – that I DON’T have a single nappy/diaper with me!?! GREAT!!

I left him with my friend (haha – no post to come about when it’s ok to abandon babies in restaurants!! – because it is ok to abandon them outside coffee shops here in Sweden), to RUN & buy some!

Only to be followed by a ’no changing table’, ’TINY WC’ episode & my first experience of changing him, whilst sitting on a toilet lid and him stood on my knee… to the sound track of me muttering to myself the WHOLE TIME ”please don’t pee now, please don’t pee now”

An addition to my previous list:

1st baby: Changed on designated changing mats, with neatly fitting covers.
2nd baby: Changed on changing mats, or on a towel (with the possible addition of a nice bit of padding) on the bed/sofa/floor.
3rd baby: Changed on travel mat on the passenger seat in the car; in the boot (quickly if cold); in the pram; hovering in the air or half standing on your knee! – why are we even wasting space with a changing mat in the bathroom?

Today, I was VERY lucky!!


What have you forgotten to pack in your changing bag?


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  1. Hahaha this post is amazing and SO true!! I must confess though with my FIFTH I still forget things, mostly wipes….those things are always, always ALWAYS being left behind and one one occasion I have forgotten to bring a nappy, hahah! Baby brain never leaves us I don’t think! x

    • Thanks Debs… No, you’re right, I was laughing so much at Vicki’s comment too… Baby number 2 and onward, and this is what they get! 😉

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