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Disclosure & Privacy Policy

StephHi I’m Steph,

MisplacedBrit is my personal blog, all opinions expressed here are my own …And as such are subject to change…

Except when I’m reviewing a product!


When reviewing a product, I will always give you my own, candid, honest opinion about it, whatever it is. And when applicable, my children’s candid, honest opinion. I love spreading the word about fabulous relevant products for family life, crafts, activities, food. Excursions and events. A reviewed item has most often been provided to me at no cost to myself. This can be considered a kind of compensation for the time and work it takes to document are review the product sufficiently. I will always let you know when I have received a product for free for the purpose of reviewing it.

Competitions and giveaways:

When running competitions and giveaways I may collect some personal information from you (name, email, address). This will only be used for the purpose of the competition or giveaway. This information will not be sold or shared with any third party, unless approved by your consent.

Sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts are those which I have either been paid to write, or which I feature on the blog. I will only feature articles that I believe are relevant, interesting or useful to my readers, and I will always disclose if I’ve received a payment.

Paid, or not, I will always only express my own, candid, honest opinion.



MisplacedBrit blog uses third-party applications (Google Analytics, social media share buttons, and others) which may store a cookie on your computer. These provide me with some general information as to who visits my blog and which pages they read. Which enables me to see which content is the most interesting and relevant for my readers. This information is a fantastic tool to help me improve and develop my blog.

If you want to know more about this please check these links: What’s a cookie?

You can also opt out of this. Click here to see how you can delete your cookies.

By not opting out, you’re giving your consent to me collecting this information. Which will only be used for the purposes described here.


This policy is effective from October 2013.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns. Here’s a link to my contact page.


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