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Love You Photography

I had so much fun with this photo shoot …I tried once before, so I’ve learnt my lessons:

7 Tips for successful Love You Photography

1) It doesn’t work if you only do the outlines of letters, you don’t see anything afterwards.

2) Put the kids on a table! Nobody can jump off and run away.

3) Put them somewhere where they’re not ’supposed’ to be. That little bit of cheekiness wins you a few minutes photography!

4) Bribe them from the start! Last time I waited until they were already fussing before I bribed them …Too late! Tell them from the beginning, and yes, you’re still going to need to mention that every few minutes. In our case there was chocolate on offer for everyone who cooperated.

5) Fix the youngest last.

6) As this particular photo shoot was all about their feet, there was a great opportunity to adjusted the depth of field so it didn’t even matter if there weren’t smiling happy faces all the time.

7) Well, if there are no smiling happy faces at all, you can always chop their heads off the photo …And still have a great shot 😉


Love ♥ U Photography

Love You Photography for any occasion, Valentine's, Mothers/ Fathers Day ..DIY photo shoot. DIY Photo Shoot for a perfect present.

This ’Love You Photography’ makes such a cute, easy DIY card or gift for any occasion, or expression of love. Of course now it’s Valentine’s Day, so I had to get it sorted. And Mr M has been banned from my blog, Facebook, instagram and twitter feed for the whole week so I could post in peace!

love you photography

They were so funny perched up there. So cute with each other, feet hanging off the edge of the table. Miss 7 kept pulling Mr 1’s toes up, until he refused point blank for his feet to be touched.

There was swinging and singing, and then there was ’fed up’. Moments when I reminded them about the chocolate and everything was ok for another few minutes. Then of course the moment Mr 1 discovered that there was actually something on the soles of his feet …Bless! You have to wonder what goes through their minds sometimes. ’What on earth is this nutty adult doing now?’ has to be a reoccurring theme.

Love You Photography for any occasion, Valentine's, Mothers/ Fathers Day ..DIY photo shoot. DIY Photo Shoot for a perfect present.

So we ended up with paint smudged all over Mr 1’s feet, and the table. But like any mother I had my trusted wet wipes to hand, so not a problem.

– I saved a wedding dress in Sydney with wet wipes once; and then the brides mascara …But that’s another story 🙂

Feet clean, table saved, photos taken, faces covered in chocolate.

…And erm, that was the end of the wet wipes!


Do you have any Love You Photography plans? I’d love to hear them.

Looking for another little present to make? Miss 7 has been busy making gorgeous Toilet Roll Washi Tape Hearts. 

Love You Photography for any occasion, Valentine's, Mothers/ Fathers Day ..DIY photo shoot. DIY Photo Shoot for a perfect present.Linking up with #TheList & #TuesdayTutorials

#WordoftheweekMy Word of the week: LETTERS

…Letters and cards to friends and loved ones. Letters and photography. Letters with thoughts and words you long to express. Letters and love. Letters on your feet!



    • Thanks Gude, I absolutely loved doing this, the kids thought it was so cheeky of me to be painting on their feet <3

  1. Wow, I’m impressed with your co-ordination skills!! I struggle to take an organised shot with just one little one!!

    Great tips, I shall bare them in mind next time I try and take a shot with more than one child (I’m thinking family gatherings, notoriously hard to get one with all kids looking in one direction never mind smiling!) and the love you thing is so cute!!

    Thanks for linking up love xxx #TheList

  2. Ha, this is brilliant! You even got some bokeh in some of those pics with that sparkly top on the right. Nice! My two would be TERRIBLE at this, but they’re 3 years 3 months and 20 months, so probably a little young. In fact, my 3-year old is so impatient to see the photo that he comes over to look into the view-finder before the photo (of him) has even been taken!

    I will keep this idea in mind for a couple of years time! x


    • Yes, age can have its limitations! …But actually last time I tried this it was only my 16 month old and 3 year old that were up for it!! That time though, I tried ’<3 U' on my 3 year olds feet and my little one held a sign that said 'Grandpa' 🙂

    • Thanks Darren, I was very pleased with the whole thing… I tried for fathers day last year… Totally useless – retrospectively, not nearly enough bribes ready 😉

  3. I love this capture! And the measures it took to get just the perfect shot makes it all the more wonderful! And I agree: wipes are the way to go and is a heaven sent in the most unfortunate situations! Thank you for sharing. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks Maria. Wipes have saved the day on numerous occasions as has their absence left me pretty screwed on others 😉
      You too – have a wonderful week!

    • Haha! Yes… It’s not always anywhere near easy! And other times they just sit their hugging, close, being so friendly and kind …Those are the moments there usually isn’t a camera in sight! 😉

    • Smart mama strikes again …They couldn’t even get down, so nobody left the table before the paint was off! …I got a little nervous it might not come of my painted table though!!

    • Haha! I thought 3 made it MORE complicated 🙂 …Miss 7 was adamant that you don’t spell ’YOU’ with just a ’U’ and that pappa may not understand at all! …You get LUV U no problem with 2 😉

    • Hahaha! I would love to see those results 🙂
      In Sweden you make little booklets for weddings… Saying things about the bride & groom; funny stories, photos …Some ice breakers. At a wedding we went to a few years ago, the brothers of the bride – who’d been responsible for sorting out the booklet started it off with a naked bum pic of the two of them laying on sheepskins – posing in the way new born babies are often ’positioned’ for their first photo shoot!!
      Well, maybe it doesn’t sound as funny as it looked!! Hahaha …Anyway …An option if you never took those ’new born’ pics everyone’s into 🙂
      – though your son might be more up for having his feet painted.

    • Haha! I tried for fathers day too 🙂
      I only drew the outlines of the letters and it wasn’t a very thick pen either. Once you backed up far enough to get all their feet in it you couldn’t even see there was anything on their feet! …I’ll post a fail pick next fathers day 🙂

      • Haha! Exactly… And with 1 child ’<3 U' works too
        Definitely no extra children required for this little venture 😉
        & you definitely don't need to be a photographer... Get their feet out, paint them, push them together, give them the chocolate and you don't even need to mind about their faces!!

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