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Ready for a glitter bombEveryone’s up to it! If it’s not glitter stuck to the bottom of socks, and sparkling confetti seemingly invisible but never the less all over your clothes, it’s smudges of butter and chocolate still discretely hidden on work surfaces; minuscule strips of shredded tinsel; random stars; splashes of snow spray or drips of wax…

I just read a fantastic comment in the editor column of Amelia magazine, where Åsa Lundegård likened her shifting behaviour during Christmas to the duel personality of a 50s stay at home wife & craft mama, and a 70s holy wrath rebel. That, I can associate with!

Today we finally decorated the Christmas tree. Miss 5 wondered why I say that they can do it, but then it’s only me deciding what’s going on it… ”that’s not fair”. Hmmm, she’s right! So the red baubles made their way there too! Did you end up with a semi co-ordinated tree or a home made paper craft one?

We’ve been playing with the laminator again! Here too, I have to laugh at myself! Glitter bombOf course I had an idea about how these glitter, star speckled ’windows’ would look. Not anything I decisively communicated to the girls but which I apparently thought I would be able to steer anyway… Except that I didn’t think to make only small piles of the glitter confetti available. So instead of the subtle spread of it that I had first envisaged, you could say the result likened more a snow storm. My idea of a little pinch became more of a full fist release… ”ohhhh!” And in that same moment I realised I needed to just let it go. It would be whatever it would be… And of course they look way better than they would have had I intervened 🙂

Laminated snow stormsWhat I love about these cards is that you could even use a regular school photo in the back, just the snow & star covered window is going to give it all the Christmas feeling you want! Our picture ended up being a ’slightly’ photoshopped christmas scene in the living room… but you’d never know which of the heads was edited!  Stacks of glitter windows








Card cut out Star covered window attached Stacks of Christmas cardsFinished product


  1. Great idea. I have to work on the letting go too. But for me, it’s with hosting people at my house for dinner. I get too hung up on everything being perfect and ruin the fun for myself and everyone else! Trying to be better, but it’s so hard for me. Ex: I had my boyfriends entire family over for soups and games the night before Thanksgiving. I cleaned 2 of the 3 bathrooms before they arrived, but hoped the 3rd wouldn’t matter bc it was on a completely different floor. Of coure, EVERYONE went upstairs to use my dirty bathroom instead of the clean one right on front of them. I was mortified. I wanted to tell everyone where to go – literally. But didn’t. Maybe my dirty bathroom makes them feel better about their own dirt bathroom.

    BTW, I want one of those cards! 🙂 ~ lis

    • Hoarding guests is like hoarding kids, which is like hoarding cats… They all start moving in different directions at the same time! However futile, at least you can shout out directions to kids… not entirely socially acceptable behaviour for guests at a party 😉

      Did your card ever come?!

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