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Cocoon Craft from a Pinterest Easter EggCocoon Craft from a Pinterest Easter Egg

I found these beautiful string Easter eggs on Pinterest, and of course they looked so easy! Admittedly, I only skimmed through the instructions and we went ahead – with a little ’make it even better’ tweak… Making them with sweets inside for Easter. With much enthusiasm about the presence of sweets amongst the glue and string on the table, Miss 3 and Miss 6 set to work. Little did I know we were actually going to make butterfly cocoons.

Cocoon Craft from a Pinterest Easter EggThe starting point was getting sweets into the balloons. The girls succeeded with about 2/3, the rest were eaten before they came anywhere near the balloons. Miss 3 was so focussed trying to squeeze smarties into them (a perfect activity for fine motor skills). Miss 6 had a good try at blowing them up – we weren’t blowing them so much so it wasn’t altogether impossible. We cut embroidery thread into meter long strips, dipped it into our glue mix and wrapped it around the balloon.

Cocoon Craft from a Pinterest Easter EggMiss 3 needed some help getting the last couple of strings to hold together, but all in all, about 20 minutes later, that was it. Covered in watery glue …And very grateful for the plastic table cloth that caught all the drips, we tied an extra piece of thread around the knot in the balloon and hung them up to dry overnight.

Retrospectively, I think this was the part that ’went wrong’! According to the origingal instructions (here), we should have popped the balloon at this point.Cocoon Craft from a Pinterest Easter Egg Ours looked so unsolid that I thought we better wait. A day later they still felt very soft so the girls painted a little extra glue on some of the points where the threads crossed over each other …Another day went by and they just didn’t seem to be getting solid at all. Then the balloons started to deflate. My first reaction: ok – that was a flop then – They’re going to be upset about that! Miss 6 reaction: LOOK mama! They’re cocoons…

Cocoon Craft from a Pinterest Easter EggDay three I’d already decided that this wasn’t going to be a ’share worthy’ project! Through the eyes of a child, things look so different… The way we see success is so different. It’s rediculous to presume that the way I thought something would turn out is the way they do. Sometimes I think they do things with no idea at all of how they will turn out. I don’t do that! I might not know whether it will ’work’ or how something will taste, but I have a picture of how I think it will be. You?

string cocoon craftWith the imagination of a 6 year old, these turned into beautiful butterfly cocoons.

What about the sweets? After four days inside a balloon the smarties weren’t looking that great to be honest – not that that puts off a 3 and 6 year old – they ate them anyway.

If you’d like to make a cocoon – you’ll need the items below. If you’d like to have a go at those beautiful string Easter Eggs, check out: Crafts-For-All-Seasons.com – here.string cocoon craft

You need (per cocoon):

– 1 balloon

– 12 meters embroidery thread, cut into 1m strips

– Glue mix: 2 parts quick drying All Purpose craft glue to 1 part water.





cocoon craft from a Pinterest Easter Egg

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Homemade butterfly cocoons @MisplacedBrit


  1. I am so pleased its not just me, i tried this craft about 3 weeks ago and mine looked the same! lol my little man loved them too!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. Grace says – What a FAB idea!! I love these. Thanks for such a great idea and I am so going to give these a go.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Oh perfect! Yes, Miss 3’s fingers were dripping with gooey glue… And a whole new world of pealing it off afterwards! 🙂

  3. Sometimes children’s imagination is for the best! I have to admit to most projects like this going awry but thankfully my wee man is not so much about the end product so much as the product so far! A very magical moment indeed.

    • Thanks @BrinbirdAndSon! I think that’s also a beautiful characteristic – to love the ’doing it’ bit so much, the rest just doesn’t matter 🙂

  4. Oh this did make my evening! Thanks so much for sharing such an honest post. I think it’s very easy for us, as adults, to lose sight of the joy of activities whether they suceed or not!

    • I totally agree! There are loads of times the girls have made something and my thought after has been ’how did it turn out?’; thinking about how much they’ve enjoyed it has only been an afterthought! Those are the times I’ve caught myself doing it! What about the other times?
      …I hope to learn from them 🙂

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