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DIY Toddler Photo Shoot Ideas with Chalkboard Paper

Having been inspired by so many beautiful pinterest images of creative shots taken of children at varying milestones and ages, I decided it was high time to get creative myself too! After all, my Little Man just turned one.

diy toddler photo shoot ideas

I love the idea of signs being used as props. You can documenting something of your child’s personality or habits, their name, nick-name, age, ’Welcome to my party’, ’Thank you for celebrating with me’, what they want to be when they grow up, the sky’s the limit! For the signs in these shots I used a self-adhesive chalkboard paper, and a fluid chalk pen. Not only are chalkboards a great look, they’re so convenient to use because you can re-do or touch up your sign as many times as you like or need to until you’re happy with the result. It was only a matter of wiping the surface of the paper with a cloth (a slightly damp one if you want to remove every trace of text).

Once applied the fluid chalk needs a minute to dry, otherwise like me you’ll find you spend more time correcting somebody else’s smudges and modifications to the paper than your own! At one point I noticed My Little Man’s lips had been white for ages, after kissing/ licking his sign.


diy toddler photo shoot ideas

I had thought it would make some beautiful shots if Mr 1 was holding the sign himself – no chance with the paper chalkboard! Not unless of course you stick it onto a harder surface. The paper, as the name would imply has a lot of the properties of regular paper. It’s just as easy to bend, fold or scrunch up as any other piece of paper would be – though slightly more resilient to being torn.

The paper chalkboards I used were self-adhesive and reusable. I chose however to attach them with a little tape behind instead. I wanted to try them out in a few different settings and re-do the sign so many times that I thought it was easier to keep it moveable. Mr 1 however made it a primary focus to try to pull it down, which is also why I used so many magnets to keep it on the fridge when I moved the photo shoot over there for a while. Each magnet was good for an extra 3 seconds of shoot time, before needing to rescue the sign and set it up again. The magnets also proved a little distraction and intrigue, keeping him that bit more content.

Behind the scenes he really was taking the sign down every 40 seconds or so!



Hopefully a little inspiration to get you started on your own ideas.

diy toddler photo shoot ideas

Get The Look:  

Mr 1 seen here in a gorgeous blue shirt from Next; tie and trousers from Swedish brand Polarn O. Pyret


  1. What a fab idea (pinning right this minute!). I did not even know there were such things as paper chalkboards. I clearly have not been getting craft supplies for ages! Gorgeous shots, as usual (were you a photographer in another life?) and Mr 1 looks so smart, love it, love it, love it! x Mel

    • Thank you lovely! You always write such nice things 😉
      Yeah, I love the chalkboard paper, great possibilities for family command centre & schedule organisation!! …Oh well, I might have had one of those in a different life 😉

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