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How To Make Papier Mache Easter Eggs

Absolutely gorgeous DIY Paper Maché Easter Eggs that you can fill with whatever you like. Perfectly suited Easter craft from 3 years and up. So yes, perfect for adults with crafty fingers too.

The actual egg is a basic paper maché job around a balloon. Miss 3 wanted to make little ones, which I thought was a fantastic idea! Miss 6 was all into big… There’s no changing the mind of a 6 year old!. All in all these take about 2 days to make – ready for Easter.

How To Make Papier Mache Easter Eggs

You’ll need:

– 1 balloon for each egg

– Glue Mix: 1 part (quick drying) All Purpose Glue, to 2 parts water

– Ripped up paper – about 8 double newspaper pages for a large balloon, 4 for a little one. If you don’t have newspaper you can use any paper you have available. We ran out of newspapers and started using ripped up pieces of Christmas wrapping paper in the end, it worked beautifully!

– Paint

– Decorations – whatever you’d like to decorate the outside of your egg with

– Tissue paper/ colourful magazine pages/ pretty serviettes to line the inside of the eggs

How To Make Papier Mache Easter EggsCheck out the pictures below for instructions.

Day 1

Coat the ripped up strips of paper in the glue mix and cover the balloon with them one at a time.

Make sure to have the paper going in all different directions so it’s strong once it’s dried – kids are great at this! They have no intrinsic need for straight lines in creativity!

Leave a little hole at the top by the knot in the balloon so you can hang them up to dry once you’ve got all those gooey strips of paper on. Try to make the hole as small as possible.

These are the kind of activities where I love my plastic mat! I definitely recommend having some kind of cover on your table. Trying to pick off small pieces of newspaper glued to your kitchen table takes some time – believe me, I know!

Hang the balloon up to dry overnight.

How To Make Papier Mache Easter Eggs

Day 2

The balloons are dry and ready to be painted and decorated. The girls painted theirs in the morning and then started decorating them an hour or so later once the background was dry (it took longer for the paint to dry on the balloon covered in Christmas wrapping paper).

Miss 6 painted the background and then decorated it with fluid pearl pens, which dry slightly raised and leave a beautiful effect – all her own idea.

We had small round pieces of tissue paper (left from our toilet roll owl craft – here) which Miss 3 started gluing onto one of her balloons, the other she was happy painting.

Once the decorations were dry we cut the eggs in half and glued a strip of heavy paper into the inside of one of the halves – enough to hold the two halves together later. The girls lined the egg halves with pieces of tissue paper, covering the small hole left by the knot in the balloon. The final coating was just glue to smooth it all down.

Ready to fill with whatever you like!



I had great ideas about which family members could be given these beautiful Easter eggs… Yeah right! As if I would have a say in that! It was all about their teachers …Well it can only be a good thing they love their teachers so much.

How To Make Papier Mache Easter EggsHow to Make Paper Mache Easter Eggs is linked to #MiniCreations; #WhatsTheStory & #LetKidsBeKids

  1. Grace says – These are really beautiful and I think you could make these for all types of occasions. I better get mummy to start buying in all the stuff then!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #minicreations

  2. What a great idea. I remember making paper mach as a child, I really must do it with my children. They look fab!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. What a great idea! I have not done papier mâché with the children yet, but it is the one crafty thing I remember doing as a child and it has been at the back of my mind for a while. Pinning now so I do not forget! x Mel

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