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Laminated Autumn Leaf Bunting

Laminated Autumn Leaf Bunting

Autumn, the most colourful time of year. We’d like to keep it a little bit longer…

Well, what else can you do when your three year old has a fantastic idea!

First we took them, and now we’ve given them back! Savouring the glory of autumn. Adorning our bare (also barren, supposedly apple – not that I’m bitter!) tree with a necklace of plastic leaves 🙂

And do you see how choppy they’ve been cut; how many holes there are through the middle… all evidence that Miss 3 has been doing it herself – and I couldn’t be happier for my self-constraint; repression of the urge to ’slightly’ reshape some of the cutting afterwards, or intervene with the direction of the scissor in the process, to somewhat adjust the position of the hole punch! …yes, yes there really is something wrong with me!… but I totally didn’t!

Laminated Autumn Leaf Bunting

Laminated Autumn Leaf BuntingLaminated Autumn Leaf BuntingLaminated Autumn Leaf BuntingIf you haven’t already, you really should go and pick some gorgeous leaves, laminate and continue to enjoy them – probably for a little longer if the plastic covers them completely, without holes through the leaf 🙂


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  1. Did this (laminating autumn leaves) with our Friday kids cafe last night.
    Had to dismantle my old fashioned laminator after the first trial run when my laminate sheet got caught up in the machine but after the dress rehearsal the real activity went OK

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