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Laminated Autumn Leaf Sun Catcher

Continuing on the leafy craft theme, autumn leaf laminated sun catcherfor this project we found leaves we could put together to form a heart. All of these leaves came from the same bush. The girls loved finding all of these colours… but were not entirely thrilled that I wanted to take photos of them before they could just get right on in and laminate… For the kids this is ALL ONLY about the laminating 🙂

This craft, like the first (Laminated Leaf Frames) is super simple! You just laminate the hearts, cut them out – leaving some excess plastic to punch a hole through. And if the hole goes into the leaf – it’s all good, hey – as long as the kids are enjoying themselves! The added benefit of using a hole punch for this is that the holes are so big it’s again really easy for small hands to thread the string through.

These leaves were picked the day before my little nephew was born, so this was always going to be for him; that’s why we’ve left some elastic hanging at the base as well, so it could theoretically be attached and hung across the pram hood instead.


If you’re ready for even more laminated leaf projects, check out this beautiful  homemade Laminated Autumn Leaf Bunting, perfect for hanging indoors and out, and a gorgeous kids activity and decoration for Thanksgiving.

autumn leaf laminated sun catcher

autumn leaf laminated sun catcher

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