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Laminated Leaf Frames

The colours this time of year are GORGEOUS!laminated leaf frames

So, we’ve been out collecting leaves, and since miss. 5 is crazy about using the laminator, the coming four little projects are all laminator ones – you could totally try these with sticky film instead, which may even be easier in some cases since the leaves would stay in place!

Just get out there and collect some gorgeous leaves before they all fall off!

…& take a look below for some fresh inspiration about what to do with them 🙂

Probably a sign of how much laminating has been going on here lately – miss 3 suggested we laminate all the leaves on our street ’to keep the colours’!


Autumn leaves 2Craft #1 Laminated Leaf frames

Here we laid out our leaves on the laminator sheets to make frames, and laminated them. Ready to use as they are, or you might want to cut out the plastic from the middle if you’d like to put it inside a glass frame with a photo behind.

Ours are currently on the fridge. I used a liquid chalk pen to write on two of them – so the text just wipes off, a regular white board pen would also work. The third has a photo behind.


Untitled design-8

And now that you’re getting the laminator out, why not check out these other autumn leaf projects:

Laminated Autumn Leaf Sun Catcher

– and Laminated Autumn Leaf Bunting

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