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Melted Bead Stars and Snowflakes

These are just too cute! It’s exactly the same idea as the flowers and bowls we made from melting beads in the oven too. Here we’ve just gone Christmassy on you with snowflakes, hearts and stars.

Melted Bead Stars & SnowflakesMiss 5 loves them and has a little pile ready to be strung onto a thread and draped around her top bunk. They look gorgeous hanging in the window too. She loved how you didn’t really know how the beads would melt, and of course the favourite was the wobbliest of them all.

Of course you could make these shapes on bead mats too and iron them – then it wouldn’t be quite so tricky to form them. You’re never going to get quite the same result from ironing them though. Melted Bead Stars & SnowflakesBeads melted with the iron will give you a flat uniform, quite solid shape. Melt in the oven, you never quite know how they’re going to melt.

After being in the oven they’re glossy, uneven and unique. Perfect for a special adornment on a gift, or for making a new necklace.


Melted Bead Stars & SnowflakesTOP TIPS For Melted Bead Stars and Snowflakes

Put baking paper on your oven tray, and make the stars, snowflakes, or whatever other shape you’d like directly on the baking paper. I though first we could move them over once they were done… That definitely didn’t work!

If there’s more than one child making these at once, give them their own trays! Melted Bead Stars & SnowflakesIt’s quite agitating for them when their creations keep getting knocked by someone else.

Don’t worry too much about the exact shape while you’re first placing the beads. It’s easy to rearrange them a bit afterwards once the basic form is there… And tempting as it is to keep ’correcting’ the shape, you’ll save yourself a lot of time if you wait to do that until you’re ready to put them into the oven.

 How to melt beads in the oven

Lay the beads out onto oven trays covered in baking paper, press them together so they’re in contact with each other. 180-200 degrees C (350-400F) for 5-10 mins depending on size of beads and the effect that you’d like – the longer they’re in the oven the more solid the shape will be, great if you don’t want to have any small holes left in them. And use a shorter time if you want a few small holes so you can hang them up later.
Melted Bead Stars & SnowflakesMelted Bead Stars & Snowflakes





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  1. Grace says – What a fab idea. I love beadwork so this is right up my street. They make awesome Christmas decorations.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  2. What a great idea, we recently had an accidental melting of beads and buttons in the oven, but I never thought that you could do it intentionally to create thigns so thanks for sharing.

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