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No More Nightmares – Just 1 Step Away

I can’t believe how ridiculously easy this solution is! No More Nightmares 1 step away…How is it even possible that this is all it takes? – Irrespective of the duration of the nightmare torment (from weeks to months). Tried and tested by myself and two other families since (on 2 1/2 – 8 year olds) & it’s worked for all of us; so I dare to say I guarantee it’s worth trying. 1 Step away from No More Nightmares, and it’s all just a bottle of water!

When I first came across this idea (on Pinterest of course – link below) Miss 3 and Miss 6 were waking up at least twice a night – independently of each other, on top of another couple of from Mr 10 months …#tiredparents. In our house, it wasn’t just monsters that were an issue, it was crocodiles and ants too. So the water spray bottle needed to be decorated accordingly.

The kids craft drawer was raided for all the stickers and letters, so I used whatever was to hand. I had thought about printing a few google images and taping them on, but I only had 10 minutes before their bed time and couldn’t cope with a repeat of the previous night so there was no delaying!

No More Nightmares 1 Step Away

Miss 6 took one look at the bottle and said ”you made that didn’t you mummy” …Erh, I wasn’t totally prepared for that question, and I wasn’t entirely sure how my answer might affect the potency of my experiment, and the outcomes, so with the straightest face I could muster, I lied ”absolutely not! …Now it’s quite expensive so you don’t need to spray a lot!” …Quick diversion and they were back focussed on spraying under and around the bed, I put the bottle up on a high shelf.

Hours ticked by and neither of them woke up, we went to bed, and neither woke up, the morning came and neither of them had woken up! I couldn’t believe it …Even now months down the line, neither of them wake up in the night with nightmares!

A few days later Miss 6 took a closer look at the bottle – in daylight – and informed me without the hint of a question that I had in fact made the bottle. A week later I found her spraying plants with the ’precious’ contents, she was quick to tell me that it was ok, we could fill it with water again before bed time!

– It is just a little concerning that my kids think there’s a spray for EVERYTHING and that sprays get rid of everything! –

The bottle was being used on a daily basis for about a month, now one of the girls asks for it once or twice a week, we dig it out and they spray liberally …No more nightmares!


The inspiration for ’Monster Spray’ came @HappyGoLuckyBlog; and was one of my Top 10 January Pins.

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  1. This is absolutely genius and I am so glad to hear it has worked. The power of their imagination is incredible. Love it and will remember this in the future if we have any problems with nightmares! xx

    • Hmmm… good question! We haven’t actually discussed that! I asked the girls now they say it’s a repellant – monsters, ants and crocodiles don’t go anywhere near it!
      Miss 3 also expressed immediate concern that her neighbour friend didn’t have a spray and she needs one for crocodiles too!

      …Just need to believe 😉

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