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Non Edible Advent Calendars

– Ideas for Fillers (part 1)

Whilst I am a self-confessed chocolate junkie (and can take this subtle opportunity to inform Mr.M that a 70% chocolate advent calendar would be a wonderful surprise!), as a change I was thinking of something more creative than sugar sweet for the kids this year. So here’s the first instalment of non-edible fillers. On a financial note I can also say that these alternatives can definitely offer a more economical approach in the run up to the big spends to come! I don’t know… maybe you don’t feel this way, but I would really like my kids to associate Christmas with much more than just presents and sweets… starting with advent!

I really like the idea of the kids being able to make some things during December that they could then give away as presents on the 25th… to nursery/school friends; doting grandparents… And if you were thinking of doing that any way, why not put at least the instructions (if not everything needed) into an advent pocket and make a surprise advent craft out of it? …And the same with any simple little Christmas decorations you were thinking of doing = advent pockets 🙂

Take a look at my ’Winter Decoration’ board on Pinterest for loads of craft & decoration inspiration!


12 Ideas For Non Edible Advent Calendars

– Simple little CRAFTS:

1. Pockets filled with a handful of glittery beads and a piece of elastic to make necklaces/bracelets.

2. A handful of beads to melt in the oven and make small decorations (see here for basic instructions).

cookie cutter formed bead melts

3. Some embellishments for home made cards and some postage stamps – so your child can post them to whoever they like! …This year I’ll be avoiding my usual interference in to who they should be sent to!

4. A little bag of glitter, glue, string and instructions to go and find some pine cones to make Christmas decorations with.

5. A mini ball of glittery wool to make a finger knitted garland or scarf. Miss 5 just learnt how to do this and she’s been asking me for wool every other day for a week…  My only excuse for not having resolved this already is that it’s in the attic (see here for instructions).

6. A handful of bird seed & instructions to make and hang out home made bird feeders.


– Little PUZZLES:

7. Cut up any Christmas picture into pieces and place a ’puzzle’ piece into each pocket (26 pieces if you want to do the whole calendar this way – so you can have two in the first pocket to get them started). Have some bluetack ready on the side for piecing it together. This could also be a picture that needs to be coloured.

8. Letters or words one at a time to form a secret message.

9. Small word searches (lots available if you search on google images).

10. Small mazes (printables to come).


– SILLY pockets:

11. Instructions about silly stuff that they should do each day: 10 press-ups; 20 star jumps; run around the house 3 times; attach a dusting cloth to their stomach and slither around the kitchen floor; clean the bath… haha – might not get away with that one!; sing jingle bells with a mouth full of marshmallows (marshmallows found in the pocket along with the instructions)…

12. Small messages with secret tasks for them to do without being discovered… make someones bed; give someone a home made card; make someone breakfast in bed; give someone a flower; wash up; make and hide a little present for somebody; hide a few sweets in someones pocket; give away a toy to somebody; invite a friend you have’t seen for ages for mince pies…


And of course, there’s no need to stop at using just one of these ideas… any combination works too.

The gorgeous advent calendar pictured is hand made by my friend Becs @ Becandboo (…and is very reasonably priced!). You can check out this and her other products and LIKE her page here! 🙂


For twelve more Non Edible Advent Calendar Ideas Check out Part 2


non edible advent calendars

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  1. Love the idea of puzzles or the silly things to do every day. My daughter made ne at Brownies which has a space where she must write in a good turn she has done every day – love that idea too 🙂 #TheList

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