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Oven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls

Oven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls

I love the simplicity of melting beads in the oven. For some reason, when the plan is to do them this way – they actually get done. As opposed to the shaped trays that you can do designs on, that then need to be ironed… Miss 5 did one about three months ago and it’s still sitting on a shelf waiting! For some reason the hassle of ’just’ getting out the iron and ironing board is too much!? – This way, if not finished they would be totally in the way – it’s not convenient to have a few oven trays needing to be temporarily housed somewhere while you get on with something else… no, this way there are no options – you just have to finish it!

Oven Melted Bead Flowers and BowlsBut it’s quick, easy, no mess, no cleaning up, instant results!

The kids can lay the beads out in any constellation they like – small blobs are great, they make great little monsters if you glue goggly eyes to them afterwards. My girls went for flowers – two different sizes of (Hama) beads.


Lay the beads out onto oven trays covered in baking paper, press them together so they’re in contact with each other, and into the oven. 180-200 degrees C (350-400F) for 2-10 mins depending on size of beads and the effect that you’d like. Miss 5 usually wants to thread them onto something – pipe cleaners, string, elastic – so we take them out after about 5 mins while there are still holes to thread through – if you kept them in longer they would be a solid shape instead with no holes.

Oven Melted Bead Flowers and BowlsOven Melted Bead Flowers and BowlsOven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls


We’ve noticed that the more transparent beads don’t always melt down evenly – great if you want a more 3D effect; and better to go with solid colours for a more reliable shape.

When they’re only in the oven for 4 mins or so the big beads get a different look on the top and base which we like & very tactile friendly surfaces 🙂




Lastly we made a little bowl. Grease well the inside of a muffin tray – or any oven proof dish or bowl (we used rapeseed oil). Lay out your beads and into the oven again. These were big beads, and they were in the oven 200 degrees C (400F) for 10 mins.




Greasing muffin trays Bead bowl 1 Bead bowl 2 Bead bowl 3 Oven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls Oven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls Oven Melted Bead Flowers and BowlsOven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls Oven Melted Bead Flowers and Bowls

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