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Toilet Roll Owl Craft

– Owl Always Love You!

I’ve had so much fun today with Miss 6 and 4 and this gorgeous little toilet roll owl craft. We started making them a few days ago, but both my Little Misses soaked their toilet rolls with so much watery paint that they were hardly standing up let alone ready to glue anything to! But here they are, ready for Valentine’s Day: Owl always love you! 

toilet roll owl craftThis simple toilet roll owl craft was made a lot quicker because I had a little circular die cutter (pictured below) – without that I don’t think we’d have gone for circular ’feathers’ – but then, I think they’d look just as cute with any alternative.

What you need:

– A toilet roll; glue; a pair of scissors; a stack of paper (this could be old magazine pages, paint sampler strips, wrapping paper, christmas cards, serviettes… whatever you have to hand); and any other little embellishments you want to use (here we used small buttons and felt flowers)

toilet roll owl craft

How to make the toilet roll owls:

1) Bend down one end of the toilet roll to shape the head. Then paint them (really, only the back and the top of the head needs painting, the rest gets covered in paper circles – the feathers).

2) Cut out a heart to use for the feet, large ovals for the wings, circles for the feathers, larger circles for the eyes and smaller ones for the iris; a little triangle for the beak.

3) When your toilet roll has dried a bit, start with attaching the feet; then cover the owls tummy with glue (about 2/3 of the toilet roll) and start sticking on the circular feathers.

4) When the circular feathers are in place, glue on the wings; the eye balls and the iris.

5) Lastly, attach any embellishments you have; bend forward the feet and stand your little owl up 🙂

toilet roll owl craft

Miss 6 wrote little notes on some extra circular feather cut outs and glued them to the owls tummy or back.

Step by step instructions:



BecandBoo owl cushion The inspiration for the toilet roll owl craft came from a pinterest find @mimisdollhouse (here), and was one of my Top 10 Pins for January.

…And Miss 6’s infatuation with owls has everything to do with the beautiful handcrafted cushion my talented friend Bec @BecandBoo made for her.



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  1. Hodge PodgeThe best T craft ideas for kids

    • Thank you @jenniferslittleworld for stopping by!
      Yes, those sampler strips are fantastic! Perfect for loads of little projects 🙂

  2. This is a really gorgeous idea and I love the way you have used thumbnails to do a visual tutorial – so useful and especially respected as I know how much work it must be to takes the pics, organise them and upload them. My five-year-old and 22-month-old boys both love owls and would love this. We’ll be trying it, thank you!

    • Thank you so much Kate @littlelewes, loved discovering your blog right now!
      Yeah… those images take a little time to arrange 😉 Would love to see some pics if you end up making owls!
      & as far as spring & sun go… I’m celebrating with you!

  3. A fun-Filled Half Term at Home

  4. Hi Steph,
    Just a quick note to let you know we made your pretty owls this morning, and had a great time! Loving the fact it was so easy and did not require anything we didn’t already have. Ours do not look half as pretty as yours, but the children are really proud of what they have done. I posted a picture on my Instagram & on my Facebook page (tagged you & put link to your own FB page on the actual post). x Mel

    • Actually I’m saving every single one since the girls made the owls… they’re so so cute in real life too! And Miss 6 had such a great idea to fold over the bottom end too and make them into boxes, so she wants every toilet roll in the house… I needed to stop Miss 3 helping her out by unravelling them a few days ago!! Happy DIY’ing 🙂

    • Thanks Grace! Miss 6 is super happy with them, and has already figured out that if you fold in the other end you could have little owl present packages 🙂 …There all sat in the kitchen right now and they are really cute!

  5. These are so adorable, Steph! I am glad it is half-term next week… My little ones are always asking to do something crafty using toilet paper rolls but I had never found anything I actually liked. I also have a lot of paint colour samplers from Homebase from when I had the children’s room repainted and I have not used them yet, so this is absolutely perfect. We do not have a circular die cutter so ours will probably be triangles of diamonds! Pinning right now! x Mel

    • Perfect! You’ve got everything :-)… Miss 6 cut out all the pieces and was extra impressed with how quick it was cutting the beaks, triangles are perfect, those owls are going to look SO cute! Post a pic 🙂

  6. Love the idea!! I think my 3 year old would have fun making these (and me too for that matter)! Now just to buy a circular cutter thing…..

    • 3 yrs old is totally perfect 🙂 Miss 3 was loving even just the ’painting the toilet roll’ part! …Seems we’ve never painted toilet rolls before! It was really great seeing her concentration as she was painting, and carefully twisting it around in her hand 🙂
      The girls loved spreading the glue around with their fingers too instead of the brush. Hope you have FUN!

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