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cookie cutter formed bead meltsOne of the machines making our lives so so much simpler is the robot hoover we bought six months ago. It’s fantastic! Every morning, about the time we should start to wake up, it kicks in… I love it! Gone are the days of sweeping around the kitchen table 5 times a day; sand around the front door; dried up plant leaves under the window sill. As soon as we got home with it, the kids named it Taurus. For a month, they followed it around, jumping out of its way like it were waves on the beach and they didn’t want to get their feet wet.

Melted heartAt some point, unknown to me, it went from being an amusement to scary for Miss 3. Now if she’s in the same room she wants us to switch it off, ’send it back to base’. I don’t know if Mr 9 months has responded to her reaction to it, or if he’s just come into a new sensitive phase of his own, but he too, instead of crawling after it is mortified if it starts coming in his direction. Even far above, sitting in his highchair he keeps a wary eye on where it is when it’s moving around.

Bead butterflyLast night it got wedged into a corner behind the sofa so the job wasn’t finished by the time we were sitting around the breakfast table. Off it went, Miss 3 jumping up to check which direction. She was told to sit down and assured that it would not hoover up her feet(!), but it rounded the kitchen island making a bee-line straight to us. Obviously it hadn’t quite finished around the table yet. Straight to my little man in his highchair. Miss 3 bounds up again, putting herself right in front of him, feet at shoulder width apart, hand outstretched,Melted heart 2 ”NO Taurus”. It bumps into her foot, she doesn’t move a muscle. Back and forward and bump again, she holds her ground. It turns around and starts going in another direction. She waits, then turns around to her little brother ”it’s ok, I’m looking after you!”

I was speechless.


About the pictures: Handfuls of beads were just poured into cookie cutter shapes on baking paper covered oven trays. They were small so the oven was set at 180C (356F) for approximately 10 minutes, checking after 8 minutes to see if they had melted sufficiently. The time will vary somewhat in different ovens and with different kinds of beads (for large beads use 200C /400F).



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  1. Oh my goodness you had me at robot hoover! Sounds awesome, must investigate! Lovely post too, what a great story. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

    • @thereadingresidence Robot hoovers are worth their weight in gold I promise you!! It’s changed my life!!
      Then back to the kids 😉 …So heart warming, I was speechless watching her. That is love, care and protection at its best <3

    • Alice, I just couldn’t believe my eyes watching her protect him like that when she’s ran away from the hoover herself! <3

  2. A robot Hoover, wow! I can see why they might find that a little bit scary. How lovely of her to protect her little brother like that too. #thethemegame

    • @redpeffer At first the hoover was crazy interesting, but at some point it starting going straight at one of them and that was it – freak out! But there she stood, facing all her fear, because right at that moment her little brother was the only thing that mattered <3

  3. Lucas says – a Robot Hoover???? Why hasn’t the Mother gotten me one of these? This would be awesome!! At least it’ll stop us picking up on her total lack of hoovering!!!Loving the hearts aswell – shown these to Grace – she says they are awesome!!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Robot Hoover is the ONLY reason for my morning sanity! 🙂 The house looked one way when I went to bed… and when I wake up it looks another 🙂 Thank you lovely!

    • …I just had to take the lamp down from the ceiling before bed! Apparently that’s the worst shadow in the room 🙁

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