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Toilet Roll Washi Tape Hearts

These toilet roll washi tape hearts are quick and easy to make, with beautiful results, as varied as the washi tape you choose to use. They’re a perfect alternative, or addition to a bouquet of flowers, a little balloon or a decoration for a flower pot. If you write on them, voila! Handmade place settings, or even ’cards’.

Wrap a ribbon around a few and make a note on each heart of what you love about somebody – a personalized, one of a kind expression of friendship and love.

Toilet Paper Roll Washi Tape Hearts

What you need to make toilet roll washi tape hearts:

You’ll need one toilet roll, one grill stick, and about 1m (3 ft) of washi tape per heart.

Toilet Paper Roll Washi Tape Hearts

Miss 7 has been busy as a bee making these every night this week. As soon as the little ones are being put to bed, and a certain someone isn’t downstairs, off she goes again. I love that they are so easy to make once you’ve done a few, that she can make them independently. I love seeing how she’s figured out how she can hold the washi tape so it doesn’t get all knotted, at the same time as wrapping a heart; and how she’s started to let the shape of the toilet roll heart determine which way the washi tape goes next instead of trying to pull it somewhere else. I love seeing how excited she is about them. She’s almost exploding, needing to keep them a secret and hide them. She’s set the new standard for what it means to be pleased with what you’ve made!



Toilet Paper Roll Washi Tape Hearts


To get a sealed glossy surface at the end, you can brush the hearts with clear drying glue or modge podge.

Toilet Paper Roll Washi Tape Hearts

A perfect activity for Valentine’s Day… Not only making them, but why not write on each one what you love about your children, or the person you want to give them to; what about writing what your children say love is.

So many beautiful, thoughtful possibilities.

Toilet Paper Roll Washi Tape Hearts

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    • Thanks Kate! It’s the first proper ’project’ we’ve done with it, and I LOVE them! They’re randomly placed around the house in plant pots and small vases at the moment 🙂

  1. These look so cute! I am pinning them right now on My Valentine’s board. Not sure whether I invited you to join my quick crafts group board, will check now! xx

  2. Grace says – ooohhhh this post makes me soooooo excited. What a fab idea. Mummy says they look something called rustic but I just think they look really cool. They would look great as decorations in my bedroom. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Thanks Merlinda …Washi tape definitely comes cheaper per roll when you buy a little pack of 3 or 4 of them, which is also perfect for this kind of craft as you’ll hopefully get beautifully complementary shades/ patterns 🙂
      I’ve bought quite a few, but rarely actually used them… Miss 7’s so busy still making hearts right now that I’m sure I won’t have much left by the weekend!

  3. These are quite lovely and so clever! I love how simple they are, yet so precious and practical all the same. Thank you for sharing these!

    • Thanks Maria. I’ve been staring at the ones Miss 7 has made and given to pappa for Valentine’s Day; they really are too cute! 🙂

  4. These look fab, there’s so much you can do with them once you’ve made them. Looks like I may need to pop Washi Tape on the shopping list for activity hour on the farm. Popping over from Country Kids.

    • Ooh thanks hun! I just saw that on Facebook <3
      ...I think there are quite a few of us with a thing for hearts 🙂 ...Fun to make and super easy.

  5. Oh these are adorable! I love how your daughter’s enjoyed making them too. What a beautiful craft. Pinning on to my valentine’s board 🙂 x

    • Aw thanks Sara, yes, I was very keen… But Miss 7 said she didn’t need any help at all! The first I got to make from start to finish was the ’tutorial’ one 🙂

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