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After I don’t know how many purchases from IKEA and secondhand IKEA (Blocket – Sweden’s answer to e-bay) in the last few days I don’t have a clue which emails are for which items or even what the last two people who responded to my text messages are selling!? Which box can I open and build, and which am I supposed to be returning because I just found one second hand? The four persistently open webpages on my laptop, two IKEA and two Blocket, are something of a giveaway. That fantastic realisation that something is finally going to be fixed, organised, finished. A feeling of determination that ’now is the time’, it can actually happen. A perfect combination of adrenalin and endorphins (…This has to be the biology behind spring cleaning… which obviously we either do or don’t get, and therefore either do or don’t spring clean… I usually don’t)!

If IKEA were not so close, this would not be happening! A bought box would be a done deal. I just cannot believe how much of what we just purchased suddenly started appearing on Blocket, as well as parts and pieces for multiple other year old projects that we’ve not got around to doing. I got distracted.

Only now have I realised how many times my girls have been saying ”Mama… mama… mama” during the last two days. Saying it once has apparently never resulted in them getting my attention. I’ve kidded myself that because the laptop is open on a kitchen work surface that I’m just glancing at it while passing. Not engrossed in the screen, since I have never actually sat down in front of it.

We’ll soon see where this ends, because I’m almost out of steam and there are at least two people going to be somewhat bemused tomorrow when I tell them I no longer want whatever it is they’ve advertised, as I’m currently the top purchaser for three of the same thing, and I only want one!

My last trip to IKEA (the second in three days) was with Mr 10 months. Apparently I thought it was going to be a very quick one because I didn’t take anything with me for him to eat even though I left an 40 minutes before he usually has lunch – this can only be the brain of an optimistic, crazed shopper! It obviously was never going to be quite that quick so there we were in the restaurant and I found myself once again surprised and grateful that as far as the restaurant goes they have listened to and catered for the needs of parents. Do you know you can have a free jar of baby food if you’re an IKEA family member? The ’family area’ with an abundance of microwaves, baby spoons, plates, bibs, mugs, highchairs. My little man was very satisfactorily entertained by the older kids playing in the middle of the podium area we sat at. And of course it gives all child-free diners a much quieter experience 🙂

Then it was a visit to the changing table… this has been inconveniently located in the sink area of the multi cubical facilities. Three prams in there and it’s a traffic jam for everyone, parents and free spirits a like! Realising there weren’t many options for myself I strategically backed myself and the pram, nappy bag and baby into one of the cubicles. Having folded up the handle bar to its limit we were in… a deep sense of satisfaction at my achievement. And there I am, happy doing my business when the door swings open! Was it at that ’half decent’ moment when I was at least still sitting on the toilet? No it wasn’t! Since being 11 years old I have had a compulsory thought whilst sitting on public toilets of the nightmare scenario of someone bursting in right when you’ve stood up… Yes that’s what happened. Somewhere in the midst of my ’sense of achievement’ I didn’t lock the door!

The only thing that shocked me more than the bust up, was realising only moments after that I actually wasn’t even bothered! At some point something has changed. The compulsory thought that has followed me through adolescence has been smothered by the ’indecent’ exposure of three labours, and actually I’m having a hard time trying to figure out the last time there weren’t other people in the bathroom with me!

The poor young woman who burst in on me however was noticeably perturbed.


The image is from Beth Dunn (here)

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