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Why You Should Never Bungee Jump in a Bikini

Why was I stood on a platform 44m over the River Nile? In a bikini? What is it about a day of white water rafting with friends that pulls a person with no previous interest in bungee jumping up eight ladders?

Adrenalin is not to be underestimated!

Actually, I felt nothing less than invincible. After only a few hours of bouncing around in a boat, and bombing into the water!


Friends down below in a bar that hung over the cliff. Me at the top, gobsmacked by the view. The density of the forest, the vastness of the land and the sky, the rush of the water.

Sitting down, the guys up there wrapped a towel and the elastic cords around my ankles. I didn’t even ask for an explanation. Adrenalin apparently numbing everything but excitement, enthusiasm and certain success!

Did I want to touch the water or be submerged? Was I going to jump off the platform or roll off? They were calculating the length of the cord for my weight and preferences. Touching the water would be fine; you go deeper if you roll off, I was going to jump.

Standing with my toes wrapped over the edge of the platform I could see my friends in the bar below, and all of their cameras. They all thought I was nuts, I laughed.

So why wasn’t I jumping?


Without any fear, and despite overwhelming enthusiasm my legs just wouldn’t jump! I stood poised, perfectly ready. My brain subconsciously refusing to tell my legs to jump. Minutes went. I was unaware of them. Just as ready as I had been minutes ago.

Do you know what the likelihood is that you’ll jump, after you’ve stood for 4 minutes and not jumped?


’Can you just push me a little bit?’

Apparently they’re not allowed to do that. Which I guess makes perfect sense!

I think he touched my arm, ’this body does not want to be pushed!’

Do you know what the likelihood is that you’ll jump, after you’ve stood for 5 minutes and not jumped?


I wasn’t contemplating any of those questions anyway!


I’m not joking! I literally fell off the platform.


I have no recollection of the falling more than closing my eyes right before I plummeted into the water. From outstretched arms to calfs. And up up up again. Then there was an awesome moment of complete weightlessness, when everything seemed to stand still. Down and up again, that feeling was fantastic!

Why was there something around my wrists?

I glanced in horror.


No, it wasn’t the bungie cord about to rip my hands off…

It was my bikini top!

– Which in that moment, felt like an even worse scenario. Hanging upside down like a trapped bat, trying to redress myself, as the guys in the boat beneath rowed closer to meet me.
As regards photo evidence. Let’s not go there!

Nile High Bungie Jinja

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  1. oh my! You wouldn’t get me up on the platform never mind jumping/falling off. As for the bikini, oh dear! At least the jump sounded thrilling! 😉 I did smile when you realised the thing around your wrist was the bikini. Sorry. 🙂 #AllAboutYou

  2. This is hilarious! I could FEEL the pending embarrassment! Lol. I don’t know if I’ll be bungee jumping but I’ve always wanted to skydive. Mind you, I’m as afraid of heights as it gets. What’s the rationale in this? I have NO idea! Great read! And thanks for posting this for my Blog-diggity Sunday on FB. Happy Sunday!

  3. This was AWESOME! I have often thought how exhilarating and freeing bungee jumping must feel…and you just proved me right! Bwhahaha! Nothing is more freeing than top-less free-fall!! Thanks for living out my excitement FOR me, now I won’t have to!

  4. Absolutely BRILLIANT story! There’s not a chance you could get me to bungie jump (or bungie trip and fall off a platform), and your wardrobe malfunction has totally cemented that! I’d probably end up with a ginormous wedgie at best! Loved this, and have to say I was on tenterhooks reading it, well told. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou xx

  5. WOW, you are so brave and I love the way you told your story. So captivating and I am proud of you for jumping (falling off) and sticking with it. Bikini top or not, you have an amazing story to tell now. I bet you made the guys in the bar below whole week too!!! lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again tomorrow for another great week of #sharewithme

  6. Loved this and despite you not wanting to jump (and falling off) your boobs seemed to want to! Hilarious, loved the captivating storytelling too, you rock (and are much braver than me!) Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  7. What a fantastic story that you are going to be able to re-tell for years!! And with the added dimension of the bikini top incident! Brilliant 🙂 I hope you have got over the embarrassment and can look back on it fondly! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

    • Haha! Thank you @thereadingresidence! True true… It’s a little amusing though that my mother-in-law things I’m a crazy wild thing… But I did FALL OFF!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Nice blog you have! And ohhh, my god, what a story! I can’t imagine how that must have felt like! I had similar experience at Skara sommarland when I was a teenager, where I lost my bikini top in one of the attractions without noticing. When I noticed it it was already too late, people pointed and laughed as I desperately looked for my bikini top in the swimming pool!

    • Emma @pasmallen, pointing and laughing!! – Now that’s just plain rude!
      I’m eternally grateful I couldn’t see anyone’s face while I was bouncing around on my elastic …And that the bar full of friends was ’in front’ of me when I plummeted, so whilst they had very clear vision of my bikini wrapped around my wrists, it wasn’t bouncing breasts they saw! The guys in the boat – that’s another matter! …And if it had been left floating down the river! 🙁 Phwwww.

      – Thank you! & so glad I found your blog 🙂

  9. Hats off to you doing a bungee jump in the first place and ’yes’ falling off the platform does count! Personally I like my feet planted firmly on the ground – I’m a bit of a wussy like that.

    I bet you made the men in the boat’s day and at least it was only your bikini top and not the bungee rope that fell off.

    Thanks for sharing your funny experience.

    • Haha! Too true, rather the bikini top than the rope @debsrandomwritings!
      Funny you say that about it still ’counting’; somehow it just doesn’t really feel the same!! But yes, I was up there in the first place 🙂

  10. Oh no! great story, i’d love to bungee jump (not in a bikini) but I think i also would have trouble jumping off the platform!

    • Rosie, I swear those cheeky guys MUST know every time someone climbs those steps in a bikini top that there’s a good chance they’re going to see some breasts!

  11. Hahaha, terrifying! You are very brave! I have no interest in bungee jumping either but I’d love to do a skydive; I’m really not sure whether I’d be able to jump though. Great post. #brilliantblogposts x

    • Brave… Stupid… A moment of utter madness?! 🙂
      I’ve thought about skydiving too, something about that has always appeals to me more than being tied to underwear elastic! I now know though that my brain will never let me jump! …Tandem it is then @birdsandlilies 😉

  12. OMG! I’d love to bungee jump! Was waiting for you to say that you ended up having to be escorted down the ladders, so great that you actually jumped, even if it was more of a slip than a dive off!! Laughed out loud at your bikini incident!
    Great to find your blog through Honest Mum’s Brilliant Blog Posts linky xx

    • Thanks Tinuke! Haha, yes they would have probably needed to escort me down …They REALLY didn’t think I was going anywhere!!

  13. Oh my goodness, you’re so brave….I really dont think I could ever do a bungee jump! It must be absolutely petrifying at the top, waiting, preparing!!! and oh no about the bikini top!! it did make me laugh though!! xx

    • @MyLifeMyLove – without a doubt ONE of the most embarrassing moments of my life!!
      Upon being lowered into the row boat beneath it was a tiny comfort to know I probably couldn’t be more red in the face than having bounced down 44m anyway, so I certainly didn’t need to be concerned about blushing! – A strangely comforting realization 🙂

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