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The Definition of a Grown-Up

Miss 7 has been frustrated.

I’m trying to take a step back and understand.

She has reasons.

Obvious ones.

Obscure ones.

Hormonal ones.

’Who knows what’ ones.

This is her list.

All the things a grown-up can do that in her mind she’s not.

All that’s unfair.

There’s a solution, she says:

”…Let’s all be equal!”

All these things that you can do, because you’re a grown-up… She should be allowed to do them too.


A Grown-Up Can:

Wear whatever they like.

Buy whatever they like.

Do whatever they like.

Go wherever they like.

Hang out with whoever they like.

Come home whenever they like.

Eat whatever they like.

Watch whatever they like.

Listen to whatever they like.

Ignore whoever they like.

Sleep whenever they like.

Say whatever they like.


Miss 7’s conclusion:

”That’s why a grown-up can always be happy. Just if they want to be!”


What’s a parent then?

According to Miss 7, a parent is just the same as a grown-up.


Maybe someone can help me out here…

12 questions; and a bonus one.

1 point for each.

What’s your score? 

The Definition of a Grown-Up. Test how you life compares to Miss 7's definition. What's your score?


The Definition of a Grown-Up and I get a miserable 4!

The Definition of a Grown-Up. Test how you life compares to Miss 7's definition. What's your score?

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  1. I got a 4, if I was being generous! But I can see why she would think we have such freedom, curious to see what she says in ten or twenty years time!


    • 4… It’s nuts isn’t it!!
      It makes me wonder, do we not get more because these are somehow ’selfish’ things? Is it just that we don’t prioritize them? Are they not that important or are we giving them up without a fight for no reason at all? 🙂

    • 7 is FANTASTIC. I’m really wondering if the rest of us need to step it up… I think we’re giving up some of these for not much of a reason at all! What do you think Vic?

    • Thanks Katie x
      Haha! You’re right. I HAVE to show her the list!!
      …Still waiting until she’s old enough to not find the whole thing too depressing. Who wants to be told ’yeah, you know what. That may never happen!’ 😉

  2. Isn’t funny – kids think we have all the power and we think they have all the power! (Unfortunately, only the grown ups have learnt to compromise…..). Thanks for sharing! #TheList

  3. I love this! What a great point to make to your daughter – parents have it just as bad! lol We can’t do any of those things – go where we want? Not without a babysitter. Watch what we like? Not until the kids are in bed… Same goes for all of the other points. There’s a window in life where you can do a lot of these things as a ”grown-up” but it’s short lived & there are limitations such as money on a lot of these things. Very clever post hun. #brilliantblogposts

    • Haha! Poor kid… Am I crushing her dreams? …I think even adults are better off not knowing the truth about what parenting is going to do to them 😉

  4. I got three and demand a refund! OTH, I doubt that many grownups would get a different score to many parents. The reasons might be different, but they’ve still got work, budgets, people to take care of etc

    • Hahaha! You made me giggle 🙂
      Totally true… That’s why I squeezed that little extra question in there! I think the only times I’ve ever even been close, were the first month after every student loan payout!

  5. If only grown up life were that easy. I do hang out with the people I want to, and because I dont work I can wear what I want to. The rest is a no, im too aware of other peoples feelings to demand my preferences all the time. Great post #brilliantblogposts

    • Good for you hanging out with the people you want to! …Even if it might not be ’when you want to’, or ’how often you’d like to’. What happened to that ideal grown-up life we imagined for ourselves?
      I’d love to hear you squeezed a three or four pointer out of there every now and again. Being aware of other peoples feelings may not be all it’s cracked up to be 😉

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