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My best tip for the last weekend of January… The most broke month of the year! If you can bare it at all:

As soon as any money comes in, right now, this is your moment. The sales are drawing to an end, it’s half price on sale price, or 3 for 2 on sale items…

If you’ve got little kids, whatever their ages, it’s time to start realising how many kids parties they’re going to be invited to this year! And now is the time to get those presents… shop around. I was in a clothes store today and asked how business usually is at the end of the month? It slows right down! …People are fed up of shopping & want to be a bit more frugal with their purchasing power! …Yes, by all means, be wise about your finances but if you want to look at it in a bit of a bigger perspective – a year, let’s say… Now’s not the time to stop, it’s the time to shop!

In my humble opinion I’d like to put forward the hypothesis that Frugal = doing as much shopping as possible in the end of January 😉

For the last few years I’ve bought nearly all of the kids birthday and christmas presents for the year ahead in January, as well as covering pretty much all of the birthday parties they get invited to. I could be much more proactive about prepping presents for adults too, but as you know there aren’t many good pickings left for anyone over 15! …But for children it’s an entirely different story! Now’s the time to check the items available in your child’s next size and stash them away until they need them.

When it comes to presents, just keep looking around. One year it was the toy shop that had a crazy great end of January sale – that’s an obvious place to start; but the next year it was rubbish – nothing interesting at all. That year it was Accessorise with a 70% sale and 3 for 2 on sale items, so all Miss 6’s friends got cute cute ’real’ necklaces (and were all pleased as punch!). This year I’m noticing that it might be stationary that’s getting the best discounts… so it’s looking like note pads, pencil cases and glitter pens for everyone!

Enough of my ranting… time to get out there and look around, there’s a whole weekend ahead!


…No, Accessorise haven’t contacted me for an endorsement! …But they’re SO welcome to 😉 – the picture is theirs.

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