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winter lavenderThe first sign of snow, and a sudden realization that months lay ahead of me of push/ force/ shovelling my pram into obedience, into something of a straight line in front of me!

Last year, a very pregnant me was trudging my way to and from the girl’s nursery towing two sledges and both of them behind me, if I couldn’t quite convince them of how much fun it would be to sit on the same snow racer instead! The year before that I was pram ploughing the path with a sledge tied onto the side of the handle bar, and that was only after someone pointed out that I could tie it there instead of trying to lead the way with the pram and one hand… yes, the slow sweaty mornings to come!

I’m telling myself that the girls are older. Last year does NOT need to be repeated. Even with a third child!

Miss 3 still has an outright dislike of any kind of wrinkle in her sock. A trait inherited from her older sister who is no longer paralysed when this happens but repositions them without it even coming up in discussion. Miss 3 even The first winter for my little treeappears to have found a new love for her winter overall since no zip alignment is necessary… and she seems to have long since forgotten the power she held over us with her sudden apparently immediate need to use the toilet after being fully wrapped up… my fingers are crossed!

Weekly Top Shot #121

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