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Bonfire Night

This weekend for the second year running we celebrated bonfire night with our Swedish family. Definitely a tradition we’ll maintain. In my humble opinion there is just no better time of year to be stood outdoors roasting in front of a blazing fire than in these last cool autumn evenings and then the heat of smouldering ashes continuing into the early hours of the morning. We celebrated out in the countryside where no city lights, and this year not even a cloud interfered with the reflection of stars.

Not every member of the family was however looking forward to this celebration as much as I was! Miss 5 has very clear memories of last year’s fire, as a horrific episode, not to be repeated!

Last years pile up had been prepared a few weeks in advance and having been left uncovered was considerably wet when the time came to light it. While having a long discussion about ’respecting’ fires, and fire safety indoors, the members of one sex were outdoors very enthusiastically emptying the contents of a few black bottles over the wood. The result was a burning blaze so excessively doused in lighter fluid that there was more black smoke than visibility. It was also unfortunate that the wind changed blowing it all right at the kids. All in all it would probably not have won any prises for being the most ’child friendly’ introduction to outdoor fires.

This year we were going for the pedological approach. Brave Miss 5 built the fire

Again, the branches we were going to burn were soaking wet, but this time there was no pre-prepared pile up. So Mr.M (my other half) took the opportunity to demonstrate how a fire ’should’ be built, a’la scouts – except that he’s never been a scout. It all looked very impressive though! And more importantly Miss 5 built it with him. She did NOT want to light the match but it started off so small she was ok with participating. Last year she was outside for no more than two minutes, and spent the next few hours anxiously watching from the bedroom window – also how she’s said she was going to spend this weekend! They added log after log of dry wood in the middle, before loading it up with all the wet branches over the top.

It was fantastic! But I’m biased – I love bonfires!




















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