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DIY plaster mouldings outdoor in the sandpit!

Sandy Flowers – Just one of the results of a gorgeous day outdoor crafting with Miss Four. One of those days made beautiful just because of who it was spent with.

DIY Plaster Moulding in Sand - Stony Flowers

My little Miss Four melts my heart. Her contentment. The simplicity of her joy. Time alone with her, with nobody competing for attention. Vital for both of us. And it’s in these moments, more than any other, when I’m both reminded of how young she is and how much she’s changing and learning. How beautiful and precious she is.

Sitting in the sand with her, shaping our DIY plaster moulds, ready to pour the plaster into was one of those beautiful moments, when I just can’t get enough of her… DIY Plaster Moulding in Sand - Stony FlowersWith the ups and downs of everyday life, it just doesn’t always feel that way!

So, I’m featuring the sandy flower …But I can reliably inform you that we poured plaster into all kinds of random holes and indents, all DIY mouldings made in the sand. And Miss four was as excited about all of them, both pouring in the plaster, and whether they held together or not.

This activity is as simple as going to a sandpit with a bag of alabaster plaster, a bottle of water, a bowl and a whisk. We used the back of a spoon to shape the ditches for this flower. But we did other shapes with our fingers and twigs too. No special equipment is necessary… Just a delicious little picnic to munch on whilst the plaster dries.



DIY Plaster Moulding in Sand - Stony Flowers

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DIY Plaster Moulding in Sand - Stony Flowers







    • Ooh, I can give you even better tips for that one 🙂 …Make a lump of salt dough, rub a little baby oil on the foot, and press it down… Fill with gips and …Voila!

    • Thanks hun! I’ve really come to the conclusion that it’s definitely Miss 4 who’s missing out on lone time right now! Miss 6 goes to bed a bit later so quality time is easily come by. Mr One gets it often, because he needs it often… Miss 4 is often left hanging… I’m going to develop a plan!! 😉

  1. Hello there, this is awesome and my little boy would love it, from the digging in the sand to the mixing and the end result! Thank you for sharing, it’s a great idea! x #magicmoments

    • Any well stocked craft shop should have some. I bought ours at a local one, but Stockholm won’t be local for you 😉
      I recommend going for the quickest drying variety.
      Love that idea! We did sprinkle a few beads in some of them but they just disappeared somewhere in the middle – you might want to wait until the plaster starts setting just a little bit before pouring over the glitter.

    • Miss Four wants me to buy a much bigger bag of plaster so we can do moulds with the neighbors in the whole sandpit! 🙂 …I feel a nice bit of saturday socializing coming on.

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