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How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout

You know when we were little and spent as much time in the garden, fields and woods as we liked.

When nobody was bothered about even trying to ’entertain’ us.

When if we got bored, we were bored.

When nobody was out watching over us in the garden;

when you could fill your water bucket in the bathroom sink for the 20th time and nobody told you off.

When you were allowed to pick flowers.

When you could make mud bombs and throw them at each other from tree branches…

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


Well, that sums up a little piece of my childhood at least.

We got away with doing terrible things to each other out in that garden! But we also had the freedom to play, experiment, explore and discover in ways I don’t feel I’ve currently let my children even scratch the surface of.

…More about that another time!

Because today was a blip.

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


Today Miss 7 wanted to wander off into the woods behind grandma and grandpa’s house, and nobody else wanted to come.

I wasn’t quite so quick getting off my computer as I’d like to say that I was.

I was slow!

But there she was, still wanting to go into the woods and nobody going for the bait.

”I’m coming honey!” My feeble reply.

And off we went…

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


Within minutes frustrations diffused in the silence.

Attitudes softened in the breeze.

With every few jumps, from one stone to another and over fallen trees my shoulders sunk down from my neck.

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


Miss 7 was the shift commander:

Follow me! This way! We’re going here!

My beautiful, loved little girl turned every now and then and was almost surprised that I was following her. Not coming with objections or another opinion. Just following.


I pushed her on the tire swing, then had a go myself.

She bounded down into a clearing to collect dandelions, I wasn’t quite as quick.

She wanted to show me the bushes she likes to hide in. The blossom she likes to collect. The rock face she likes to climb.

On the way up from the clearing I thought we should probably go back.

Miss 7 passed a nook of trees and had other plans.

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


”Let’s build a den!… You just need to take that branch over there and bring it here… And that one!… And…’

I was already on my way.

Miss 7 scrambled after, her smile spreading from ear to ear.

Mama was actually going to do it!

I listened to everything she said.

Picked up one end of every branch she pointed to, and followed whatever route she took back to base.

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


There were no more instructions.

”You’re so good at this mama!… You’re great at carrying branches… You’re really good a building dens… I LOVE building dens with you…” And so it went on.

Her frustrations dissolved.

She was overflowing with joy.

It meant everything to me to see it.

If there’s anything that’s going to motivate a parent never stop it’s seeing joy, appreciation and life in your child.

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


At some point, time became superficial.

The others came looking for us, only then was it was markedly dimmer.


This afternoon ranks among my top favorite days.

I hope with all my heart I’m not so foolish next time as to put it off half an hour, then half and hour more.

I hope I’m not so busy doing my own thing that I miss being with one of them in that moment when that’s all they want, for me to be with them.

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout

Oh yes, how could I forget the main point here:

How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout

– Ask your kid!

They’ll know exactly what to do.


How to Build Your Own Forest Hideout


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  1. Oh this looks great fun 🙂 We need to go out in the woods more and find some fun!!

    Thanks for sharing at the blog hop

    • Thanks Claire! I absolutely love being in the forest with them… It takes no time at all to forget you have a single care in the world! 🙂

  2. this looks like you had an amazing time and such a good lesson in there too. I’m forever saying ”in a minute”, ”we’ll do it later”, ”not today, maybe tomorrow”. This is a lesson of just do it!! before we know it they’ll be 13 and we won’t be cool enough to hang with anymore! #MMWBH

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