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Kids Outdoor Nail Salon

When it comes to nail polish, we have some keen, creative and exceptionally meticulous girls in this house. We’re long passed me pulling out a colour and just getting on with it! It’s not even enough to have asked what they were thinking with their nails today… They’re going to change their minds at least twice in the process. They already know that little mistakes can easily be fixed with a little nail varnish remover and a cotton bud, so when they decide half way through that actually they’d like the base coat to be another colour entirely, what’s to stop that being easily changed too?

Kids Outdoor Nail SalonSo, there’s good reason behind keeping all the nail polish in a box on the highest bathroom shelf. The nail painting process is one that takes at least 30 minutes. And if that time’s not available, there’s just no point starting. Inadequate time and you’d think all we’d done is reproach them all morning by the sound of all the complaints and moans! It’s just not worth it!


Throw together curious, artistic, cheeky girls, and there’s no way your nail polish is safe again! On this particular morning, in multiple houses around our square, there’s been silent rummaging in the bathrooms. Stealth removal and retrieval of treasures. And the sound of tiptoes sneaking out into the garden.

If someone hadn’t been suspicious of the calm, we’d have missed the whole thing.

Kids Outdoor Nail SalonThere they sat, happy, quiet and giggling painting their own nails.

I love that the first mama to come out, went over and sat with them. Then the second. Then the third.

So when they’d finally finished their own, there we were.


It’s strange that we sometimes go along with things when others are around that we probably wouldn’t have if they weren’t.

Kids Outdoor Nail SalonIt’s easy to keep saying ’not now’, ’maybe later’, ’no thanks’ when asked by a child with a shaky hand if they can paint your nails.

It’s easy to loose count of how many times you’ve said no.

How many months have gone since they first asked.

Have they ever actually been allowed to?

Kids Outdoor Nail SalonAnd it’s so silly, because it is as they know, as simple as taking out the remover if it all goes terribly wrong!


Well, not today!

Today the first mama said ’ok then’.

Then the second, then the third.

So there we were, only minutes after breakfast and coffee sat outside with our beautiful, funny, entertaining daughters getting our nails painted as if we’d purposefully made a date in a nail salon just to hang out together.

And in the lightheartedness of it all, we weren’t picky or fussy with them. We weren’t sighing if have a finger got painted along with the nail. We just enjoyed them.



The Reading ResidenceMy word of the week: ENJOY

I want to enjoy the moments when my little ones want to take care of me. Fix little things for me. Brush my hair. Paint my nails. I don’t want to say no for months to something that actually is just them wanting to do something for me.

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Kids Outdoor Nail Salon – way better than doing it indoors!


  1. I love this. Bella is only two but one of our most favourite things to do together is paint our nails. She hasn’t got the hang of not wiping them down her top straight after, but the sentiment is there. And it is a lovely thing that only she and I share. My eldest is not interested at all. Bella will also sit with me while I do my makeup and we chat about the bits and pieces. She often comes away with pinker cheeks and glossy lips and again it doesn’t last long before she’s digging in mud again, but I really cherish those moments x x x

    • It’s beautiful to find the things they just love sitting with you and doing, whatever it might be. You’re right, it’s the moments to cherish <3

  2. It sounds like you had a fun little impromptu nail party. Isn’t it strange how when we go with the flow and just let it happen that time really doesn’t matter. I love the pictures of little hands on work on bigger hands. Very cute!

    My daughter has recently got into painting her own nails (she’s nearly fifteen) and spends painting her nails then cleaning them because they don’t look like how she imagined they would!

    Popped over from #Brilliantblogposts.

    • Miss Six has very high ambitions about how they’re supposed to turn out too! We go through nail varnish remover much quicker than nail varnish!
      Thanks for popping by 🙂

  3. Hi Steph,
    I’m dropping by from Magic Moments, and looking around your blog. WOW, now I wish I had a daughter too – a nail salon, that’s great! – an amazing idea to transfer indoors activities outdoors. I’m reading your other articles and slowly falling in love with your place you’ve built here in the blogland (and the lovely, handsome, cute boy holding a tea pot! Yes, I’ve just seen your post from August 31) Sorry for my blurred writing, I’m just taking in everything. Have a lovely week, I hope it’s not cold yet in Sweden.. Here at my place, between the Adriatic sea and the foothils of the Alps, the days are still sunny and warm, but we already need to put on jackets in the morning (oh how much I miss the summer already!) Again have a nice day and bye, (And oh, I’m not really going away yet)
    Damjana (who is also sorry you couldn’t access my ’upcycled pants’ link)

    • Ooh, totally jealous! Sunny and warm always appeals 🙂 …SO GLAD you found me! Know I know where I can find those awesome upcycled pants! And thank you for all your beautiful comments 🙂

  4. Aw, sounds like a wonderful time. It’s the simple things that can bring so much pleasure together which often get over looked. My girls love doing my hair, I wouldn’t like to show you the result at the end, but they love it, so I love it.

    • Haha! I saw a fantastic photo on instagram today of a mama baring her daughters makeup makeover… Sometimes, you just gotta put it out there, grin and bare it 🙂
      …OK I admit, by the next morning my nails were once again clean!

    • Hi Mary! That’s what I was thinking, and it’s such a silly thing, because it’s so easy! I bet your little man would love to paint your nails! 🙂

  5. This looks fab! Sometimes we forget to just enjoy spending time with our children and get too stressed out over the slightest things. What a great way just to enjoy being with them. 🙂 x #countrykids

  6. That sounds brilliant! What a lovely way to spend the morning. Looks like they’re getting very creative with their nail painting – I could do with a couple of those girls to swing by my house this weekend in fact… 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness, my four-year-old will love this post! She absolutely loves nail-polish. I did find some ”play” ones for her, you know the kind that washes off 😉 This certainly looks like one really fun day for you and your daughters! 🙂 #wotw.

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