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Play in the park, with a pit stop lunch ready to go!

I saw a well prepared mother some months ago pull out from under her pram this fantastic energy refill solution… a food thermos filled with hot dog sausages, a bag of hot dog buns & some ketchup.

The kids just swarmed up around her, grabbed their hot dogs…five minutes later, totally satisfied, all off and playing again.

Needless to say – we now own one! And yes, we’re currently eating hot dogs out of it at least once a week!

(It works just as well with grilled or cooked hot dogs – just heat up the thermos first with some boiling water; and as an easy tea we’ve taken it in the car with us when activities clash with family feeding time).


…Next time I’ll remember to take the all important coffee thermos that should accompany any adult supervised outdoor activity!

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