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Sonoma Train Town Review – Discovering Steam Trains & Roller Coasters

Looking for something to do with your kids whilst in Sonoma Valley? Train Town is perfect!

We stumbled across Train Town whilst in Sonoma, and it couldn’t have been better timing. A well earned break for our three kids having suffered them through a wine tasting or two!

Sonoma train town review

35 minutes to closing. Having already told Miss 3 she could go on a steam train we couldn’t believe our luck when we found there wasn’t an admission fee. We bought our tickets for the train and a family strip of 6 tickets for the rides inside. The girls knew they could try two rides before the last train – if we were really quick. The excitement of a deadline, together with 30 minutes of free choice had them laughing and sprinting. Train Town is perfectly sized for this kind of madness!

The rides are only 50m or so apart and the whole area easy for a child to navigate without risking losing them.

Sonoma train town review


Miss 6 saw the ferris wheel and ran squealing towards it, tightly followed by Miss 3 and myself, having passed Mr 1 to pappa. Wow, first time on a ferris wheel! A fantastic feeling of cuteness sitting in the middle with my arms wrapped around my girls. Pushed into gear, and we were pulled backwards. One Little One clinging to my arm for dear life, the other hardly noticing it was around her. Right up to the top and the stomach knotting moment swinging over the highest point. One Miss not seeing anything but the inside of her eyelids, the other delighted. ’Look! there’s pappa!’. Miss opens her eyes… ’wow, I can see REALLY far!’. It was probably just as well there were hardly any people there, or Mr 1 wouldn’t have heard his sisters screaming out his name every time they saw him, or noticed it was them frantically waving every time we got to the bottom. I noticed how the pressure of their bodies eased away from mine. Especially as confidence replaced fear for one Little Miss.


Clunk. The ride jerked to a halt.

’Quick!’ Miss 3 was already running over to the Roller Coaster close by.

Now we had a problem. Two people per seat! Neither have been on a Roller Coaster before. Everything inside me is telling me that this may not be the most positive experience for one Miss if there’s neither of us beside her. No time to do the ride twice. No time to get extra tickets. Miss 3 had already climbed into a seat, and Miss 6 quick to follow… Pappa climbed into the row in front instead.

Crap! OK! They’ll have to do it themselves. I’m poised by the gate with the camera. Mr 1 by my feet, staring at his sisters through the gate, and it moves.

Sonoma train town reviewPulling out, and pulling up, around a bit, then up some more… Right to the edge… One Miss, couldn’t look happier, or wilder. The other white knuckled, clinging onto the rail over her knee, eyes clamped shut and teeth clenched. Looking through the zoom, I feel sick. Sweetheart! I see the brief moment of muscle relaxation as the coaster runs horizontal again, even if only a fleeting moment. Back they are, and around again!

Thank God she seemed to take the second time around a little lighter… My other Miss was at this point totally elated.

…Dear Sonoma Train Town, If you would change only one thing about your facility, please send the roller coaster around three times instead of two!

– Just one more time and I think my Little Miss could even have enjoyed the last one!

The whistle blew for the last steam train. Not a moment to spare. We ran over, climbed aboard, and there they sat both laughing, ’I loved it!’ says one, ’it was a bit rough!’ says the other, and the train pulled out.

Sonoma train town reviewWow! Talk about a well designed route. We went through tunnels, passed waterfalls, through trees, bridges over water, between rocks, higher and more bridges over previous section of track. There were small houses hidden in the forests, toadstools and faces calved into trunks, fishermen at lakes, and the train pulled into a wild west, stage coach town. We climbed out and fed alpaca and goats, before steaming off again toward the rides.

Sonoma train town reviewMr 1 loved the train! He couldn’t believe his luck, able to stand in the small carriage between my legs, able to see over the side. Rocking, dancing, shouting ’Hiya!’ to us, his sisters and everyone he got eye contact with. Miss 3 and Miss 6 were pointing, smiling, laughing, making sure none of us missed anything we passed.

Sonoma train town reviewThey were all too chicken to feed the alpaca, leaving it to me to set a brave example, as if I wasn’t the slightest bit anxious about the toothy animal shoving everything else out the way to climb on top of the fence to get the food in my hand.

What a fantastic afternoon! Three ’firsts’ in 30 minutes.

…And then of course, nobody wanted to leave!

Sonoma train town review

Interested in Sonoma Train Town? You can check out their website here.

I hope you’ve found this Sonoma Train Time review helpful. I’d love to hear about your experience…


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    • @wickedworldoflucas Haha! The teeth on that Alpaca!! Never seen anything quite like it 🙂
      Yes, we’re definitely going to be visiting more fairgrounds! It’s such a privilege to be with children when they discover something for the first time and love it… We had a fantastic day!

    • Thank you Shahnaz, it was a fantastic place! I really love the attention to detail they put into the steam train ride. It was a Scandinavian worthy ’compact living’ usage of space with bridges over the track in multiple places and a few hidden tunnels too – best track ever! @TrainTown

    • Thank you Kim!
      It really was a fantastic place …And I never want to forget the first time moments we had there 🙂

  1. Train town sounds like a real adventure, trains, fairground rides and animals, it really does have it all going on there! A great day out, I wish there was a Train town near us! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

    • @Coombemill …But you guys have your own awesome train!! I can’t wait to visit!
      …And honestly, if you don’t have Alpaca – we don’t mind feeding lambs instead 😉

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