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I love the silence and concentration of purposeful construction!

Arranging planks

And I love being reminded – in a self recognition kind of way, and in time to do something about it – that I’m a control freak!…

Miss 5 was the one who saw the planks laying on the side and wanted to build with them. They were wet & looked quite slimy! Honestly I thought maybe ’we’ could do something else instead, but she really wanted to play with them so she started taking them down and laying them out herself. Seeing that they maybe weren’t so slimy after all, I got totally into it, laying out new ones and rearranging her planks all over the place to get a nice circular unit constructed – with different stretches for longer or shorter legs. Both miss 5 and miss 3 attempted repositioning a few of the planks a couple of times… most of which I moved back – explaining ’why’ it was so good that they stayed where they were. The whole thing looked so great I went in to get the camera…

Yes – here’s where the ’a-ha’ moment happened!

When I came out, and while changing the lens I looked up to see they were both busying away like worker ants rearranging everything… they weren’t even talking to each other about what should go where or disagreeing about a single plank. They were unanimous in there intention to create independent of an over controlling mother 🙂

I didn’t say a word.

(by the way – if you like the bags check this out)

Small plank adjustments King of the hill - play with planks















Walking the plank


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

And then the fun began...


  1. Country Kids from Coombe Mill | Coombe Mill

  2. Ha Steph! I’m not going to say that I do this but I think that maybe this is why I kind of avoid painting and crafting with the kids because I’m worried that it’ll frustrate me so much that I’ll just end up doing it all for them! We really have to take a deep breath and a step back sometimes as mums don’t we?! Thanks so much for linking up your post with The Truth about… sorry for the delayed comment! 🙂 #thetruthabout

  3. Country Kids from Coombe Mill

  4. Country Kids from Coombe Mill

  5. I love this! The girls seem so engrossed in the activity, definitely a magic moment! I wish we had a larger garden to do things like that. We did a ”walk the plank” game for Crevette’s 4th birthday party, but it was not on that scale! Mel

    • The girls were so focussed, it was utterly mind-blowing to see them working in sync like that… they weren’t even trying to instruct each other about what the other should do next!! I was astonished 🙂
      Walk the plank party sounds like a fantastic idea!

  6. what a super time!! i love the fact they were so focused on achieving it!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    p.s what is your twitter name so i can share?

  7. I love the teamwork here. The girls are quite engrossed in their task and having a lovely time together. Amazing how something simple can give hours of fun. WE have some chopped tree trunks I am about to use as stepping stones in one of our play areas, I might just use the girls idea and put some planks across them too! Popping by from the lovely #MagicMoments linky and would love you to join my Country Kids linky too which is all about outdoor fun so this is perfect.

    • Thanks Coombermill 🙂 …I’ll get right on over to your Country Kids! Chopped tree trunks & planks will be awesome!!
      I’ve been checking out your site and having a holiday with you is high up on my summer ’to do’ list; you’ve really marketed your business wonderfully, and more than anything, totally convinced me that staying at Coombermill = staying with lovely people 🙂 …WELL DONE 😉

    • It’s fantastic… There imagination knows no bounds and when it’s what ’they’ want to do their focus is astonishing! It’s precious to be able to watch them play like this 🙂

  8. How right you are-it’s so easy to look at things with our ’sensible, practical parent’ eyes, but actually sometimes we need to step back and let them get on with it. I used to love doing things like this with planks too, you’ve just reminded me! Thanks for a lovely post 🙂

    • I love how you put it… a little less ’sensible, practical parent’ wouldn’t be a bad thing at all 🙂
      Beautiful to catch a hold of a memory like that, playing with planks!

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